About fishing on the mouse

Artificial mouse bait for fishing, has long been used by Siberian fishermen and effective to this day. In Europe, the lure of the little-known, although there she was able to establish itself catchability for catching trout, catfish, large pike and walleye. It is equally good for river and lake spinning fishing. Lure the mouse to buy in stores, because the industry does not produce them. These lures are only homemade.

The manufacture of artificial mouse to the fishing process is not complicated. Her self can make out of balsa wood, Styrofoam or wood. To obtain the most likely species in the water and ensure long cast in the ventral portion of the mouse attached lead weight. After the workpiece tight real or faux fur with a pile height as the mouse. Ponytail it is best to make them of rubber. Along mouse drill a hole for the rod with loop, it is inserted with the output of the loop in the head part. The rear tail is attached to a tee. Quality mouse bait is checked easily, it needs to float and not tip over, and leave a light wavy trail.

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