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Often, anglers have a chance to catch on spinners pike, perch or Zander, eating “from the belly”, whose jaws protruded from the tails of their unfortunate victims. And every time I see it, the angler marveled at this ineffable greed. But not greed kills predator, and enshrined in the evolution of unconditioned reflexes. Seeing the passing the spoon, the entire lateral line feeling created by its frequency of oscillation, a well-fed predator apart from his will and contrary to common sense thrown into the chase, overtakes and catches an inedible piece of metal.

But, in addition to innate reflexes, the behavior of fish is managed and acquired skills. Caution, suspicion, fearfulness — all reflexes are conditional. And not always “stupid” pike and cautious Chub without looking back rushed for bait. Here the angler has to try in order to provoke predator to bite. So the spinning will hold the spoon, that way, trying to give it movement, imitating the behavior of real fish. But it is not possible for each spinner, but only to those who has good skills, and the ability to do wiring speed lure spinning reel.

Most often the step transaction used in the shallow sections of rivers, in areas with return flow. Meanwhile, based on the mastery of technique of fishing lure lies in the correct execution step of the transaction. Itself speed the movement of bait is not an imitation due to variations in the behavior of small fish. However, not having mastered the basic skills of performing step transaction, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to learn to give the spinner a game that the raptors didn’t question and took the bait for live fish.

Technique speed posting

Stepwise movement of the lure is provided with a series of matched movements carried out in the following way. Making the casting let the lure sink to the bottom. The moment of contact of the bait with soil is determined by slight wince of the tip of the whip. You must then wait one or two seconds, because of the probability of capture bait pike or perch during the fall. If the tip of the whip twitched again, and the scaffold is weakened, no doubt, it was a bite. At poklevke a predator needs to strike. At the beginning of his practice, anglers can not distinguish the difference between touch bait bottom and bite, but over time, it will pass. After a short pause the movement of the rod up and over the bait off the bottom. Fishing line with a little slack and needs to quickly podmochat on the drum of the reel.

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It may happen that a fish will grab the lure at the time of its separation from the soil, the angler will feel at the opposite end tackle sudden resistance. In this case it is also necessary to produce sharp cutting. When the bait is pulled away from the bottom, podmetina line, taking her above the ground at a height of 1-2 m. the Biting time of the transaction is felt by the angler as a jerk or a hook. The bite of a small fish feels like a series of short strikes. To any change in the behavior of the spinning gear needs to meet immediate cutting. Selecting several meters of the line, the retrieve is stopped. While continuing to play, the spinner gradually sinks to the bottom. If at the time of free fall bait bite is not followed, then waited a couple of seconds, the whole cycle repeat again and as the bait will be near the shore.

The described method allows the wiring of the spinner in two or three casts to study the bottom fished the area of the reservoir. Each stage of the transaction ends with a termination for winding fishing line, and bait for some falls on to the bottom. The locking time of the fall (e.g., counting to himself the seconds) and knowing how many seconds it needs for immersion at a depth meter, simply determine the terrain where steep pit at the bottom. In places here predator waiting for its prey. When performing the step transaction line must not be weakened and SAG. The optimum angle between it and the rod of 90-110°, this will improve the cutting and will prevent the gear from breaking. Acquiring skills speed of spinners, you can master the technique and simulate the movements of fishes, produced in different situations. I should say that the possession of this technique is considered the highest degree of skill of spinning. Try to master this wisdom.

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The simulation of the movements of fish

Imitating the motion of feeding fish at the bottom and unaware of danger, they can easily catch perch, perch, pike, IDE, Chub, eels, bream and carp.
Mother of predators, the sight of swarming in a cloud of turbidity benthic fish, completely forget about any care. When the imitation of the movements of the feeding fish trolling off the bottom of a sharp but short jerk of the rod. Wiring should be very slow and rather short — no more than one meter, and in some cases, for example, when fishing on the course, and less, 30-50 cm So the bait after the breakthrough should not be using the reel and rod tip, placing the tip in the direction the necessary distance. Otherwise, the spoon is too high will rise above the bottom, and it is at this type of transaction is undesirable. Movement of a wounded or injured fish on many of its larger cousins acts just magical.

When simulating the movements of injured fish use the same techniques as in the previous case, all movements should be slower and short. A good result brings short broach spinners on the ground. To do this, after selecting over the line, the rod tip is lowered to the surface of the water and then divert it to the side for 10-15 cm, almost parallel to the shore. Bait tear off the bottom more than 20 cm should not be, and the pause between cycles desirable to increase for 1-2 seconds. To simulate the motion of the injured fish is possible only in the case if the spinning is equipped with a spoon that plays easily with very slow and short movement. Imitating the movements of a fleeing victim, it is possible even purely peaceful fish to Wake predatory instincts. Pike, perch, pike perch Chub at the sight of a stray from the pack and stupid prowling from side to side, fishes are losing the remnants of prudence and indulges her in pursuit, often the last in his life.

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IDE, Chub, carp, bream and even a large saber fish, not including pike-perch, pike and perch, love the step transaction that is not able to pass by easy prey. This method of spinners you can use in all layers of water. Performing basic movements of step transactions, we need to ensure that they were a little more sharp, fast, but short. Podmetina coil line, should continuously move the rod tip as far to the side, then left, then right, then up and down, and the intervals between cycles to minimize. The most successful movement of the fleeing fish are simulated narrow, light enough hesitant spoon, curved in two perpendicular planes.

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