All about fishing for bacon… Yes, bacon!

To catch trophy fish fishermen use a wide variety, and sometimes, unexpected lures. Such organic baits with good reason can be ranked and fat. And even though this product is found in any grocery store, its use as a nozzle is still surprising. Let’s talk about the types of fish that react to the product, how to choose fat how best to fish on float tackle using this animal heads.

Who are caught on the fat

In reservoirs of our country to the bait from this high-calorie food perfectly caught almost all members of the order of carp fish, excluding only those who have weakly developed mouthparts. A great addition to sebaceous bait for carp and similar fish fauna representatives will be the aroma of garlic.

Good catch big carp and tench. You can also catch big Krasnoperov, white bream, and a very large fish type catfish. Respects the fat and bream, in which the appetite is increased. He enjoyed enjoying this product, and to fish in many reservoirs.

The best time to harvest fat are the periods before the onset of cold weather, when the fish begins to prepare for hibernation, and actively put on fat.

This particular bait good bite of large roach, as small individuals just can’t swallow tasty bits on the hook.

Criteria for the selection of fats for fishing

It is no secret that good fishing you should always choose fresh and quality product. This is especially true of fat. In fishing you use different variations of this product:

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  • fresh without any streaks;
  • fat, soaked in garlic;
  • fresh product with veins;
  • smoked fat;
  • salty soft fat.

Each of these baits in their own way effective, and it is impossible to say that one of these options more efficient. It all depends on the taste preferences of the fish of this lake.

However, there are some basic rules that must be followed:

  • Try to use a fat with a dense structure. It is much better to stay on the hook. Do not allow this type of nozzle was melting, otherwise its consistency it becomes like lard, and spread it over the hook would be impossible. To avoid this, keep fat in a cool place.
  • The fat must be chopped properly: if you cut the product too small pieces (less than three millimeters), on a bait will eat exclusively small fish. If the pieces are too big, the fish they can’t swallow.
  • The product should always stay fresh. Spoiled bacon are of no interest to carp.
  • How to prepare the bait

    Fat to fishing, in principle, not need to cook, but maybe the advice of experienced fishermen, you will be able to help:

    • Store bacon in the freezer. Half-melted the bait easier to handle;
    • If you will fish in salty bacon, pre-salt it and allow to steep for two to three days;
    • If you are going fishing, bring a few options of the product;
    • To add a bit of bait maggots or bloodworms – it will significantly increase your chances of a good catch;
    • Experiment with organic form of the nozzle;
    • No need to cut entire reserve of fat, it is possible that in the process of fishing will need to make adjustments;
    • Use the flavors they can significantly affect the performance of the catch.
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    Fishing float tackle

    To fish on the float is quite simple, and special training is not required here. But, nevertheless, there are a few secrets. The floats should be chosen sports, as these models have mounts in two places. The result is a more snug fit tackle to a fishing line. This will greatly increase the sensitivity of bite.

    The fishing line should not be very thick (no more than 0.2 mm), for leash take the line even thinner. Hooks are matched with a sturdy sharp blade, able to pierce during sweeps a layer of fat. In some cases, fishermen have intentionally disclose stinger hook for better hooking of the fish.

    Often when fly fishing float tackle fat used as foods, mixing the product with bloodworms, maggots, and a small amount of ballast, type of earth, clay and sand.

    For animal bait it is best to take or chunks of salty bacon without streaks, with streaks or unsalted. The salt in the composition of the bait stimulates the bite in cold water, but also impossible to overdo it, otherwise the fish will swim away. Everything should be in moderation.

    How to keep fat for fishing

    There are several storage options: you can wrap the fat with a cloth, wrap in the paper. However, the paper is unlikely to use more than once. Plastic bags use is useless, due to the fact that without access of air the product inside instantly spoiled.

    Sometimes the lure of fat buried in the ground on the Bank near the water, it is only necessary to pre-wrap in a cloth or foil. Water gets to fat and then drains into the reservoir, bringing to the place of fishing attracted a large number of fish. Also, the foil can be wrapped half-melted, but frozen bait.

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