Barbel — a fish that is better to avoid

Russian waters are famous for rich fish fauna. There are a multitude of peaceful white fish, there are predators, but there are, among others, and fish that can be better handled very carefully, because you need to know how to cook them. These include moustache – a typical representative of the carp family. Below is said a few words about his lifestyle, features, food.

The names and habitat

Beetles live mainly in the Baltic, the Caspian and the Atlantic seas, is also found in Belarus, the Neman, in the Kuban. Living in the regions of the nation have given this fish the, national, names. Belarusians call barbel with Maron, and on the Dnieper – madder. Neman fishermen call large specimens cevami, and detail – cachetime.

Barbel – freshwater fish, lives in fast flowing rivers, where it prefers is near the bottom or in the bottom holes and burrows near sloping (sloping down at a slight incline, not steep) banks. Eats small portions.

The enemy must know in person!

The appearance of these fish is similar to an ordinary minnows, but, of course, they far surpass them in size and weight. There were times when the fishermen pulled real heroes more than 10 kilograms of weight and length over 75 cm. The body of the barbel is a little elongated, and somewhat resembles a torpedo.

The back is green in color with different variations (from light to dark tones). Belly light, line the sides expressed. A characteristic feature of the external appearance of the barbels is the intense pink color of his fins. Scales small and silvery. Mironov on the head are two pairs of whiskers — they help in finding food. Eyes small, thick lips — they protect you from injuries that fish can get, examining zakoryazhennyh places or moving along the gravel bottom.

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The males barbels smaller stature than females, but Mature faster. The lifetime can be up to twenty years. The male Matures by the third year of life when growth reaches 15 inches or more, and the female becomes Mature when the growth of 22 inches.

Spawning of this fish begins in may and continues in June. It was then that Maren is actively moved up the river in search of clean water. When the water temperature remained stable in the district from 11 to 15 degrees, the female begins to spawn (its quantity can go up to 45.000 eggs) on sandy or pebbly ground.

Spawning takes place in several batches. According to most anglers, the barbel ROE is poisonous, and to eat it as the meat of fish is undesirable. The question arises, why? The fact is that when spawning, the female protects the eggs from being eaten by other fish, surrounding it with poisonous substances, to survive the maximum possible number of cubs. Therefore, when fishing for barbel is better to follow the rule: “catch and release”! The more that the population of this species is under threat.

Taste preferences

Fish goes on search of food the night or early in the morning, because it does not like direct sunlight. The quality of the food she chooses mollusks, crustaceans, various worms, but will not give up on insect larvae. Moustache loves to eat eggs of other fish. When there is flooding of rivers, barbel can be found on shallow water and on the shore of floodplain meadows of Mironov attracted to the remains of animals and plants. In summer days they often can be found near the sandy shallows.

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How to catch Marinov

If you are going to catch Marinov, keep in mind that will be more efficient to run the small nozzle. As bits and baits many fishermen are used: crustaceans, leeches, worms, snails, small fish, thickened blood, baits, boiled potatoes, cake, and even soft cheeses. By the way, worms can be taken as dung and dirt. Beetles love to fishing place was tame, but in order to do it, it is better to consult with the local fishermen, and learn a specific body of water.

Spinning fishing barbel

To catch this fish in several ways, but one of the most promising types of fishing is fly fishing spinning. However, in order to make the hunt brought a good result, you need to consider some physiological characteristics of this fish. The rod should be chosen rather sturdy and durable, spinner-vertelki and small size. The task of such lures is to mimic the behaviour of the small benthic fish who hunt for barbel. Put the bait spinning reels, sinker also used a conventional, stationary. Leashes equip multiple hooks.

Wiring should be above the bottom of the reservoir. When there is a fish, the barbel has a very active and sharply pulling tackle, so catching him wasn’t easy (especially not having the proper experience of fishing). When playing it is not recommended to ease the tightness of the line, otherwise the fish just goes away or hide behind a rock or snag. When fishing on spinning tackle initially oblavlivaemye promising spots and then use sakide.

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