Barley with garlic is a very effective nozzle!

To use as a nozzle on a hook can be a variety of products, but one of the most efficient of them is a mix of the previous heat treatment of the barley with garlic. Catch it almost all peaceful fish. Many Kapferer use pearl barley as a bait and nozzles for carp.

Why the need for barley

Pearl barley has a vegetable origin, and it means that you can use it better in the summer when the water is warm enough. It is noticed that this head works best in the heat. During these periods the carp are not interested in organic tips, and they are willing to consume food with unusual flavors and pleasant taste.

But in addition to carp on barley responsive and other fish that are sometimes very complicated process of fishing in many reservoirs (of course, if it is not paid the carp pond). Carp did not immediately respond to the bait they need more time in order to find and deepthroat barley attachment in contrast to most other representatives of the local ichthyofauna.

Well, if you catch the peasant Karp is a large nozzle, and as the pearl barley is the small size, anglers are left to experiment with supplements to use different combinations of baits type sandwiches with handle, etc.

The options of gear and some of the subtleties of fishing

What kind of gear I work with this nozzle is best? Judging by long-term observations and experience of fishermen it’s safe to say that shows good results:

  • nipple;
  • feeder;
  • maculati;
  • float tackle.
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The hook should stick to not one grain, but several (at least three). The best option – 5-6 grains. This amount will not sit well on the hook a big carp, while appetizing looking in the eyes of Karpov. By the way, less amount of grains, fish may not even notice on the bottom of the pond.

Barley the nozzle needs to be changed almost every casting gear. The thing is that pearl barley from the effects of water quickly loses its flavor, odour attractants, the admixture of bagasse, hemp, flax seed, etc. Never use as a nozzle cracked, damaged grains – better add them to feed mix or just throw it away.

White seeds grains completely uninteresting fish, so it is advisable before starting fishing processing or fishing different food dyes giving any bright color.

Of course, before using for its intended purpose barley need to cook. This can be done in several ways:

  • cook grits;
  • saparev in a thermos.

Some recommendations for the correct preparation of cooked barley

First of all, for cooking you need to choose the right cereal. It should be large, white, and completely free from various impurities and debris. It is best if these will be the seeds of new harvest, as last year you do not have to attract fish smell, and cook much longer. Cooking cereals so that after cooking the grain was not chewy, but not hard.

In the composition before cooking you can add some ingredients that will help to make it attractive to fish. This:

  • a pinch of salt;
  • a little bit of sugar;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • already brewed hemp seed;
  • fines of raspberry caramel or syrup;
  • honey solution;
  • garlic powder or a part of the whole root;
  • food dyes yellow, red colors;
  • after cooking barley, flavored with sunflower oil.
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After cooking porridge add bread crumbs, vanillic powder, anise, sage, hubs. Choice of supplements depends on for fishing what kind of fish you want to use bait.

If the purpose of fishing small fish, cereals should be solid, and Vice versa. While cooking in the composition of the cereal to form mucus. To remove it is not necessary, as its well the smell lures the fish. Store cooked barley needs no more than three days, otherwise it deteriorates.

Recipe barley with garlic in a slow cooker

With the advent of modern innovation, the presence of the slow cooker in the kitchen of every apartment has become the norm. It is used not only Housewives, but also by fishermen for making different baits and nozzles.

We will need: Cup pearl barley, 2-3 cups of clean water (preferably not tap), a few cloves of garlic, a few drops aniseed drops. Start cooking:

  • How should I wash the groats under cold water from excessive debris.
  • Soak it for 60-90 minutes.
  • Put the cereals into the slow cooker, add water.
  • Cover with lid, and select the cooking program.
  • After cooking the porridge to place in a glass bowl, covered with a towel or rag, and tormented her for hours.
  • Before the fishing added to the composition of a solution of anise, garlic (in time), mix everything thoroughly.
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