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Perch is one of the most common predators living in freshwater bodies of our country. Fishing for him is very interesting and reckless, but many professionals do not like to hunt for him, preferring more serious opponents. As for beginners, catching perch can help you get your hands on it, gain invaluable experience, so that in the future, hunting other predators does not seem so difficult.

As in the case of catching any fish, in order for the hunt to be effective, you need to be well prepared before going out on the pond. The main stages of preparation include the choice of bait for perch. The predator has its own tastes and preferences, and where one bait does not work, another attracts him like a magnet iron.

Types of baits

Perch is famous for its unpretentiousness to the nozzles used. Thanks to this, it is relatively easy to catch it, since it is much easier to find a catchy bait than for fishing with other predators. Sometimes the fisherman does not have to sort out at all, since the first bait used attracts a predator well and gives the result immediately.

Most often, the following devices are used for catching perch:

  • micro-vibrators;
  • turntables;
  • various silicone baits;
  • wobblers;
  • tail spinners;
  • cicadas;
  • microspinnerbaits;
  • top voters;
  • jigs.

From the above list, many professionals consider silicones and poppers to be the most effective.

Silicone baits are versatile. With their help, a predator can be caught in different periods of the year and in different bodies of water, and in winter fishing, silicone has no equal among all attachments.

A huge assortment of silicone baits allows the fisherman to choose a product of any shape, size and color. Among all the existing options, anyone will find the best one for themselves.

Products made from edible rubber are very popular. They are made of silicone with fragrances. After immersion in water, the product actively releases attractants that attract a predator. In addition, rubber is soft, due to which the fish bite more willingly, without feeling the catch. As a result, the number of fish caught can be very large.

Poppers belong to the top-voter class. A distinctive feature of this species is that they work close to the surface of the water or directly on the surface. The popper is a noisy bait and attracts the predator with the sound it makes during the drive.

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The use of edible rubber

There are many types of edible rubber sold in fishing shops. The most popular among them are the following categories:

  1. Edible siliconeTwister – a smooth or ribbed nozzle in the shape of a small fish, which have one or two tail fins. Most often it is used for jig fishing for perch, in which the bait is additionally equipped with a sinker, as well as in an unloaded state.
  2. Vibrotail – an elongated fish with a tail usually located perpendicular to the main part of the bait. Suitable for both jigging and fishing in the upper layers of the reservoir. When performing the first type of fishing, the stepped drive is the most popular and effective.
  3. Slug belongs to the subcategory of passive lures that do not play in the water, but are quite attractive to predators if handled skillfully. It will be difficult for beginners to fish with this bait, as it requires skillful animation with a professional hand. The slug is equipped with an offset hook.
  4. Silicone worm resembles an ordinary worm in appearance. They cling to a hook like a live fish. A prerequisite is that there must be a diverting leash.
  5. Silicone cancer used by fishermen to catch fish that spend a lot of time near the bottom of the reservoir. Jerk wiring is performed with long pauses.
  6. Silicone tube has no analogues in appearance among the fauna, but this does not prevent it from attracting many predators. With this attachment you can also catch peaceful fish.

According to experienced anglers, the most catchy are Daiwa Tournament, Sexy Impact (Keitech), Reins, Crazy Fish

The indisputable advantage of edible rubber for perch is its low cost. The efficiency of fishing with their use is also pleasing. On the other side of the scale, there is a short life span. For example, if the bait attracts a pike, then after the first blow, it may be left without a tail.

You can go fishing with edible rubber at any time of the year. She will not leave the fisherman without a catch. But you should take into account one regularity, which is that this type of bait is more effective in cold water, so late autumn and winter are considered the best time to fish.

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Using Poppers

The bow of the popper has a notch, which is its distinctive feature. During jerking, the bait emits characteristic squelching and thus attracts predators.


The advantage of poppers is that when fishing with them, the fisherman can circle vegetation barriers, since fishing is carried out in the upper layers of the water column. Due to this, the number of hooks, and, consequently, tackle breaks, is reduced to a minimum.

Also, the fisherman can observe how the bait plays and how the fish attacks it, which undoubtedly adds to the spectacle of fishing.

Fishing, where perch poppers are used, does not forgive the fisherman for saving when buying baits. Many professional fishermen say that it is better to spend well once and get a pair of poppers from the best Japanese manufacturers than ten budget ones. Over time, after using cheap options, understanding of this comes by itself, but it is better to skip this step and immediately fish with high-quality bait.

Popper can give excellent results when other baits have proven to be ineffective. For example, on hot summer days in shallow areas, fishermen often managed to catch passive and lazy perch without much difficulty. The main thing is that the game of the popper is attractive to the predator, so the fisherman needs to skillfully wield the tackle.

Basic harness is not considered difficult and with a little practice it can be done by any inexperienced angler. After the cast, a jerk is made, then a short pause follows, after which a pull is performed. Then everything is repeated in the same order. Sometimes the perch does not react to such wiring, since different baits play in different ways. Here it will be more difficult for a beginner, because in order to interest the fish, you will have to experiment.

The color of the popper is selected depending on the characteristics of the reservoir where the hunt will be carried out. The characteristics of the fish species living in it should be considered.

You shouldn’t go fishing with one bait, even if it suits all the parameters. In your arsenal you need to have several poppers, so that if necessary, there is something to change the ineffective nozzle.

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Jig fishing

This type of fishing is more popular when fishing for walleye. She is very reckless, interesting and effective.

Spinning in hand

It is important to choose the right size of bait that is suitable for the perch that lives in a particular body of water. It is recommended to use twisters no more than 5 cm in length. The weights used should be lightweight.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the twister, since bad products are often found in fishing shops. You need to check them for softness, elasticity, and most importantly, for play. It should be attractive to the perch.

In jig fishing, despite the high quality of the twister, the most important role is played by correct feeding. How the fisherman will perform this or that type of wiring depends on how the striped will react to it.

Various wiring can be used, but, of course, a “step” is preferable. As for the equipment, it is allowed to mount it on a jig head, a lead-cheburashka or on a diverter leash.

Fishing for perch on a jig works flawlessly and a fisherman never remains without a catch.


Some fishermen believe that bait for perch is completely useless, but in most cases, fishing with it works much better than without it.

Compound groundbait

Perch is a rather voracious fish that is always in search of food. Unlike non-predatory species for striped fish, you need to prepare groundbait from components of animal origin, although there are times when it comes to the feeding places of bream, carp, etc.

Bloodworms are most often used as the main component. Chopped worms and pieces of fish can also be added to the mixture.

To attract a predator to the place of fishing, you can prepare a treat for peaceful fish species. When the fry swim to the fished area, the predator will soon also appear to hunt well. For this, components of plant origin are used, such as cake, bread crumbs, etc.

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