Best universal attachment for fishing — bread!

One of the most versatile and efficient attachments is ordinary bread, and many anglers use it for fishing white fish. Very often a crumb or a crust of bread treated with various aromatic compounds, for example, anise drops. Attractants attract fish to the nozzle, while the results of the fishing greatly improved.

As a grain bait and nozzles can be used for various options:

  • light;
  • black;
  • baton;
  • Poliany bread.

Each of them has its own peculiarity, characteristic features, and their “fish fans.” For example, using as bait a crumb of black bread, you can catch some great carp and carp, and white bread have a good bite of large roach, chubs and ides. But the most diversified lure is a baton, which is suitable for different methods of fishing.

Where better to use bread bait

In most cases, fishing with bread float rod is practiced in large rivers with strong current, because that is where lives a big fan of bread nozzle roach. The bread keeps well on the hook in rough water: in depth and on its surface. In no time the bread hit the water it starts to attack bleak. These small fish are not averse to eat a crumb, but since they can’t eat the whole piece, teasing him, acting on the principle “what does not eat, bite”.

For more effective fishing with this lure need to get her in the middle layers of water. To do this, the fisherman is required to properly ship the tackle, placing weights on the fishing line in a certain order. By the way, good results are also obtained when fishing on a sliding snap with a sinker-olive.

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Of bread caught in reservoirs with stagnant water. The task of the fisherman in this case is the proper feeding the fish bread bait. If the fish will taste offered food – wait for the bites, if not, look for another place or change the bait. Guess the behavior of the fish is not so simple, and it only comes with experience.

The methods of installation of grain nozzle

Let’s look at how to fasten the bread on the hook:

  • From the bread crumb bowl a ball, slightly flatten it with your fingers from the sides, and placed on a fishing hook.
  • It is possible to act differently: oblepicha bread crumb Sam hook (including his tip). In this case, the shape of the nozzle will resemble the letter “G”.
  • Pinch off the meat pulp of a small piece and stick it to the snap-in so that he was holding only the forearm. Loose part in this case would be as if hanging in the air covering the sting, in shape resembling a skirt.
  • Summer carp sometimes changes the dislocation, lifting from the bottom closer to the surface of the pond. In such cases, the fishermen use as bait bread crust. It has the best (compared to inside) the buoyancy and free movement in the water attracts fish. For best results, the crust is cut into squares, where one side of the couch, and the other – the funnel through which should pierce the hook. Thus, the working part is hiding in the pulp.
  • How to prepare the bait from the core of the bread and its crust

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    One of the working attachments is the dough made from bread. It’s made from not quite fresh bread. Instead of water often use milk – so you will be able to ensure that the lure will serve to attract fish smell. Adding to the mixture of sweet and exotic flavors can bring a good result. The flour will give the composition hardness, the wool will give the same effect.

    In order to prepare the bait of bread you need:

    • the required amount of bread to soak in water (after cutting off the crust);
    • carefully squeeze the bread with your hands, removing as much liquid as possible;
    • washing your hands, crumple the entire batter like composition to the required consistency;
    • adding aromatic compounds …

    A few more recipes:

    The pulp produced from wheat or rye bread, perekinut to plastic consistency together with melted cheese.

    Bread pulp and crushed oat cake or the gingerbread with mint flavor perekinut to such a state that the lure was strong, and securely held on the hook.

    Good results shows the use as bait or bits of bread crusts. Fishing it is possible in different conditions and different layers of water. For greater efficiency it is necessary to cut the crust of the loaf in the shape of squares or rectangular plates. Then they were fried in corn, hemp or sunflower oil before formation of a solid crust.

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