Bread nozzle. Types and methods of fasteners.

It is no secret that almost all the fishermen: both professionals and Amateurs, began their journey from the most primitive of fishing rods and lures. These include bread. Now the piece used by a few: some people do not like its rapid dissolution in water, someone just forgot. In this article we will try to rehabilitate grain attachment, and here are a few ways to make it “LP”.

The types of bread tips

Currently, more and more fishermen use as lures and bits of different options of bread. And it brings good results, especially for hunting white fish. And though it may seem that the product is primitive, but it’s not. The main task of the fisherman is to give the nozzle attractiveness in the eyes of the fish, and hold it on the hook longer time. There are several options for making and assembling bits of bread.

  • In order that the bait will not fall off the hook for a long time, season the pulp with sunflower oil, and then knead it until obtaining a paste-like consistency.
  • To give the bread strength and flavor, add a little hemp or flax oil, then put the resulting mass in very hot water for half a minute.
  • Balls of bread flour it is possible to do right before fishing. A lot of bread moisten with water, wring well, wrapped in a dry rag. When the composition will become dense and will stick with his balls. Remember that when spitted like bait on a fishing hook, the cutting edge must be masked inside the bread.
  • The wheat bread mixed with pieces of boiled potatoes in equal parts. Before connecting the ingredients of the pulp is lowered into the water, and then carefully pressed. Everything is crushed, thoroughly mixed to obtain a uniform mass, it then pour in a little sunflower oil. Balls become milky-white color is and pushed onto the hook.
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    Tip: attach the bait flavors, and the fish will respond much better. Sandwiches made of bread

    In the Arsenal of many experienced anglers, there are recipes for various sandwiches for catching different types of fish. At this stage, in principle, it is possible to show imagination, but there are ready-made recipes. Some of them will be given below.

    • Kapferer often use the nozzle from bread potatoes. It is easy to manufacture, and was popular even in ancient times. Bread crumb mixed in equal parts with boiled potatoes, then mix with the margarine or fat (they help make the composition viscous, and protect from drying out). Will not interfere if the sandwich will be added a little sugar, honey, or soft cheese.
    • For fishing white fish type carp or roach are bread-and-honey bar. The crumb of the loaf with honey kneaded manually to obtain a homogeneous mass. Honey acts as a liaison, and attaches the nozzle sweetness and flavor. The proportions of the ingredients: ten pieces of white bread to one part honey.
    • When fishing in the autumn is a very good bait of bread with the addition of animal blood. To prepare its not difficult. When you cook meat dishes, after washing of the meat is bloody fluid. Dip into it a piece of bread or loaf. The mixture became viscous, add the coarse wheat flour. Ready nozzle acquires a reddish color and tempting for the fish smell.
    • Going ice fishing, you will catch with a bait of bread with the guts of animals. For its preparation you need to boil the entrails of cattle, and then they are crushed together with the bread crust on the meat grinder or in a blender. From the resulting meat molded balls. Place them in the freezer. In the process of fishing the balls need to drop into the hole, and the nozzle to use a piece of offal. Such a bait it will be better to “work” in the ponds with clean clay or sandy bottom.
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    How to fasten a bread lure

  • Of the crumb of white or brown bread roll balls of desired size, and must be mounted on a fishing hook. If the product is weathered, it adds a little bit of oil or water.
  • When feeder fishing the lumps of crumb is not suitable, as when casting the feeder throws the bait. For this version of thin wire recoil spring, and fixed on the shank of the hook. The fisherman will remain stick snap test and throw it in the water. You can use a ready-made factory hooks.
  • Very fresh bread, a so-called disk. To do this, from the middle of the pulp osipyants piece is embedded inside the hook head priplyusuetsya fingers.
  • Head of bread crusts are also very good: first, it has buoyancy, and second, evenly moistened and crumbs settling to the bottom of interest to the fish. Of the loaves is cut a small piece of crust, and it is hooked on the hook approximately in the center of the nozzle. Sting masked in the pulp.
  • You can catch on the pre-toasted cubes of brown. They attract fish and safer sit.
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