Breeding of carp in the pond

Currently, breeding of the carp in the pond is becoming increasingly popular among owners of country houses and plots. The explanation for this is that when carp breeding pond in a country adapts perfectly to life and does not require for their support some specific conditions conditions.

Carp differs from the other fish with its enviable appetite. He eats both natural and artificial feed. Carp are omnivorous fish, it is quickly gaining weight, inferior in growth rate only to carp.

The ancestors of the carp was carp and crucian carp. From them he inherited behavior in water and some skills in search of food.

How to breed carp in the pond?

Carp are very prolific fish. A female carp can lay up to one million eggs. To two years the carp weighs from 1 to 1.5 pounds. Carp reach sexual maturity at the age of 3-4 years in the South and 5-6 years in the North.

Success in breeding of the carp in the pond depends on the water quality. The perfect carp water with salinity not higher than 4-6 g / l and containing dissolved oxygen below 4 mg / L.

Water temperature directly affects the growth of fish . To carp is actively growing, it is necessary that the water temperature was 24-30 degrees Celsius.

Breeding of carp in a pond in natural conditions

When breeding carp in a pond in a natural setting, he goes to spawn. This occurs when the water in the pond warms up to a temperature of 17-18 degrees.

To produce offspring you need a Mature (3-4 years) individuals of carp and small spawning pond (spawning), size 5-10 sq. m. with a depth of 50 cm As a rule, the spawning combined with the main pond by a ditch or a special tube.

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On spawning throughout its length, dollzhny to place a small groove with a depth of 20-30 cm the purpose for collecting hatched from the eggs the larvae during the descent of water.

Before you fill the spawning water it is necessary to lay substrate. Substrate is needed for attaching the calf at the point of throwing a female. The substrate can be tree branches, soft aquatic vegetation.

For nutrition of larvae in the spawning lowered a sheaf of grass. Microorganisms resulting from decay of this herb will nourish the larvae of carp in the first days of their existence.

For successful breeding of common carp in the pond required to maintain a constant water level in the spawning. This is done to prevent drying of the substrate with the attached eggs.

When the spawning pond will start 1-2 Mature males and egg-bearing female. Males need to release day, and the female in the evening. Producers then return to the main pond from spawning.

Spawning is a natural process, females can get from 50 to 100 thousand larvae of carp.

Development of larvae in the spawning pond.

Breeding of carp in a pond requires constant observation of the person behind the growth of the larvae. With this purpose, the catch of 5-10 larvae and placed them in a glass container with 5% solution of alcohol.

In the future, every two days the procedure was repeated, comparing the size of the larvae. When the larvae weight at 20 mg. (usually two weeks after hatching), they are ready for independent life.

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Survival of eggs is on average 60%. With a weight of fingerlings of 20-30 g. by the end of the first year in pond carp 60-90 lbs. Is average. It should be noted that in different climates, these numbers may vary.

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