Carp in the spring. When, where and what to catch carp

The many negative reviews about fishing for carp in the spring, perplexed. Because at this time there is a chance to admire the rather large specimens, to demonstrate proficiency and confirm the proud title of fisherman.

But what about passion? After all, the whole point is the ability to find a way to catch the most elusive. Some fans, generally follow the principle “catch interesting when others despaired of”.

But, despite the contradictory opinion, for those who want to compete against a cunning and cautious enemy, the occupation will take a lot of pleasure. So, if you really have the desire to get your “instance”, then you need to stock up on tackle, bait and patience.

When and where to catch carp in the spring?

They grow quite large in size, are quickly gaining ground. Body type large, torso long and wide, large mouth and mustache. In General, the appearance impressive. Often, the weight of the caught instance is about 10 kg. Known cases when I got a simply huge individuals, reaching 30 pounds.

Engaged in catching beginning with spring and ending in late autumn. Spawns when temperatures rise above 15 °C. Usually, this moment comes near the end of spring. When talking about the lake, you should take into account the difference of the ice melts. But in the rivers, there is a chance to get quite a big specimen, even in the early spring, before the moment of spawning. After a winter weakened and too much resistance does not have, but will not be bored.

Often early spring can catch near the wintering grounds. And remarkably, in the daytime. So, spend time in the night, does not make sense. More useful tool for fishing in early spring is considered to be the feeder. To increase the chances of a catch, you need to capture the greatest possible amount, and therefore more gear. The main time that is worth to wait for the bite, about lunch until 16:00.

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Bait and tackle for carp in the spring

The value is everything from the size of the nozzle, to the time of day. Some people suggest to use for feeding ordinary canned corn. Boiled potatoes and cake are trusted and experienced fishermen. Common fragrant corn bait, due to its ability to operate in turbid water. Bait should be stable, but in small quantity. The problem is that a large portion, can give to carp to eat, and then feed it to catch fail. But, it is more effective lure and small fish.

Carp gladly goes where the is going fry. The conclusion is clear: large particles should be mixed with smaller ones. It is preferable to use as bait worms or maggots as carp chooses the calorie content. They can also be added in powdered form. The main thing is not to overdo it, or rather not feed their fill. Besides, there is every chance in the course of fishing, to catch someone else.

Karp prefers to be at depth, so the choice of gear is better to tip in the direction of the bottom rods. As for fishing line, you have to choose more obscure. The leash is thin, and the hooks, the opposite should be dark and sharp. The cargo should be possible to mask and to choose in accordance with the ground water reservoir.

How to choose a pond for fishing for carp in the spring?

Considering that the ice on the river melts much faster than in lakes and ponds, of course, early need to start fishing on the rivers. And since opening, fishing in the lake will bring a good result. Armed with the tips, studied the habits and a predisposition to the place and the food, the chances of growing and in addition to an enviable catch, every fisherman will be provided with an unforgettable experience.

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