Catching asp on a bombard

The method of catching with the bombard (or, as it is also called, sbirulino) was invented by the sports team Team Daiwa in the last century. The simplicity and elegance of the rig with a large bombard float allows you to successfully fish on 5 continents. The growing popularity of bombard fishing is associated with the opportunity to use the advantages of two types of fishing – spinning and fly fishing. You can catch almost any fish with a bombard, but this tackle is especially effective when hunting fish that live in the upper layers of the water. Recently, more and more anglers have been meeting on the rivers using sbirulino when fishing for asp.

General requirements for gear

Catching asp with a bombard combines some elements of fly and spinning fishing, therefore, when choosing tackle, all the features must be taken into account.

Bombarda (Sbirulino)

It is thanks to the float that this type of fishing got its name. In bombardments, the float has several functions. Firstly, it makes the tackle heavier and allows for long casts. Secondly, the float adjusts the trajectory of the bait in the water. And, thirdly, the aerodynamic contours allow to overcome the resistance of air currents during casting.

The shape of the bombard’s float resembles an oblong date with a rod-shaped stabilizer located at the top of the hull. The rod helps to increase the stability of the float on the line and prevent overlap.

Depending on the materials used, floats are divided into three types: sinking, slowly sinking and floating. Since the asp stays in the upper layers of water, slowly sinking and floating models are used to catch it. Information about the float model is indicated on the body of the product using Latin letters.

Tip: Bombard floats are inexpensive, so take different types of floats with you when fishing. Even if they do not meet the expected fishing conditions.

In addition, there is also a classification of bombard floats by the location of the sinker:

  1. Spinning fishing“Classic” – This type of float has a small sinker located at the bottom of the body. This design allows you to quickly submerge the bait to the desired depth.
  2. “Moretto” – the load is evenly spaced along the entire length of the product. The float slowly sinks into the water column.
  3. “Kompetishin” – the weight corrects the center of gravity of the float. The float moves uniformly in the water column.
  4. “Magic” – Weights are located at the edges of the body and provide maximum sensitivity.
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For catching asp, bombards with a design like “magic”, or “kompetiishin” are most often used. If you have to catch heavy baits, and the wiring is carried out in the upper layers of water, then floating bombards are used without weights.


Since the distance from the float to the bait sometimes reaches several meters, the rod must be quite long. Experienced anglers say that rods with a length of 3.5-4.5 m are enough. The rig has an offset center of gravity, so the rod must be soft enough to “shoot” the bait at the selected point. The action of the rod should be medium. If it is not possible to buy a special bombard rod, then you can take a feeder one. The presence of more rings will distribute the load evenly along the entire length of the blank. Some anglers use conventional spinning “sticks”, but in this case, every cast turns into a real challenge.


There are no specialized reels for fishing on sbirolino, but since the mechanism will experience constant loads, it must have increased durability. In addition, you should pay attention to the gear ratio. For ordinary spinning reels, it is 5: 0, but for the bombard, coils with a number of 5.1: 0 and higher should be used. This is due to the need to carry out fast wiring.

Fishing line

The fishing line for fishing on sbirulino is used quite thin. The small size of the rings on the rod does not allow using a line thicker than 0.2-0.22 mm. The line must be strong enough and durable. Some anglers use a thin braided line instead of fishing line, but this can scare away cautious fish. A fluorocarbon leash is used between the float and the bait.

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Advice: To reduce overlaps, it is necessary to attach the leash to the main line with a triple swivel. In water, such a leash is not noticeable, since the material has almost zero refractive index of light.


Bombard equipment allows you to use all types of bait. Some of the most commonly used ones are worth remembering:

  • Bombarddry and wet flies;
  • small spinners;
  • silicone baits;
  • wobblers;
  • baits of animal origin (fry, maggot, worm).

Some anglers use combo rigs. Small streamers located above the main bait allow you to simulate a chase.

The technique of catching asp with a bombard

The bombard allows the use of ultra-light lures, which are almost impossible to cast with a conventional spinning rod. The tempting lures for asp from No. 00 to No. 1 will be able to reach their full potential. The posting of a light bait with a bombard does not differ in particular variety, but for that it allows you to guide the bait along a given trajectory. The sbirulino tackle shows itself well in difficult conditions. Sbirulino allows you to easily bypass obstacles located at the bottom or in the water column. Thanks to this, catching asp with a bombard is one of the least expensive types of fishing.

Catching sbirulino

Another advantage of sbirulino is the ability to cast and guide various flies without any special difficulties. Using a conventional fly rod for these purposes requires sophisticated skills. In addition, the fishing conditions do not always allow fly fishing.

Casting a rig with sbirulino is perhaps the most difficult part of fishing. The presence of two centers of gravity significantly impairs the flight performance of the rig. The place on the shore should be free of trees and branches hanging over the water. It is best to cast over the head with a sharp and confident movement. Try to feel the very moment when the centers of the sbirulino and the bait will fly smoothly when casting, without mutual rotation.

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Tip: Inspect the tackle before each cast. Any overlap can lead to “shooting” the rig, or the formation of a beard.

Be constantly on the alert. The asp often attacks the bait the first time it hits the water. If there is an empty bite, then you need to quickly make a new cast. It happens that on the next cast, the asp attacks immediately. The rate of posting depends on the activity of the fish. Usually asp is attracted by aggressive posting with fast reeling. Postings with pauses are appropriate only if silicone is used as bait.

Tactics for catching asp on a bombard

Fishing with a bombard is easy enough. The main difficulties are associated with mastering the casting of the rig, but despite this, the ability to catch cautious asp with light baits more than compensates for all the disadvantages.


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