Catching crucian carp in April

The water in the coastal zone, warmed by the first April sunbeams, beckons the crucian carp to swim out from the depth and warm up. Therefore, the belief that it is better to fish for peaceful fish only in the summer months is completely unjustified.

April is one of the best periods to enjoy not only the beautiful weather and the absence of the sultry heat, but also to enjoy catching the peace-loving crucian carp.

The main thing is to thoroughly prepare for fishing and study the taste preferences of fish in the spring months.

Fishing for crucian carp in April will bring you a lot of pleasure!

Where to go in search of crucian carp in spring? Arriving at the reservoir, you should study the coastal zone in detail and choose the most successful place for fishing. The main fish habitats include:

  • small creeks where algae grow – it is in them that the crucian carp looks for food for itself;
  • quiet, shallow areas of the water area with islands of reeds or cattails;
  • coastal area with flooded trees and low vegetation;
  • areas of exit from bays.

Fishing for crucian carp in April with a float rod falls on the morning hours (from 06:30 to 8:30) or in the evening (from 19:00 to 21:00).

Sometimes active biting can be observed at night. Despite the fact that the fish does not always get on the hook as quickly as we would like, almost all specimens are quite large in weight.

Tackle for catching crucian carp

At the very beginning of the collection for fishing, the fisherman often faces the question of what kind of rod and equipment to take with him. Fishing for crucian carp with a fishing rod involves the following gear:

  • Two fishing rodsfly rod (6 meter length will be most suitable);
  • line 0.14 – 0.18, which has a strength of no more than 3 kg;
  • hook No. 5 – No. 10 (be sure to take good quality hooks in order to minimize the number of fish coming off);
  • a very light white float with a painted top (perfectly proven from a goose feather).
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For the float, we choose a deaf type of attachment, and the sinker is fixed in the standard way as inconspicuously as possible.

Remember! Crucian carp is rather shy, therefore, it is recommended to use extremely light equipment when fishing, this will make it possible to deliver the bait to the fishing place with minimal noise.

fishing for crucian carp in April with a fishing rod

Crucian carp bait

How to choose the bait for catching the April crucian carp? The answer is obvious! After the winter cold, crucian carp prefers:

  1. A worm on a hookdung or earthworm (be sure to bait it carefully so that it retains its mobility);
  2. maggot;
  3. mastic.

Since the taste preferences of fish can vary, it is recommended to take several types of bait with you so as not to be left without a catch.

It is advisable to feed the fish several hours before fishing. The ideal groundbait option would be:

  • a mixture of earth (from the bottom of the reservoir) and bloodworms;
  • pearl barley;
  • store bait mixture for crucian carp.

Secrets of catching crucian carp in April

Fighting a large representative of a peaceful fish is a sheer pleasure. An interesting feature of the carp when biting is the movement of the float. He never goes under water, but slowly walks from one side to the other.

This game can go on for 5 minutes. The main thing is to be patient and wait for the float to leave confidently in one direction, and then make a quick but fairly accurate hooking. A rough, sharp sweep can tear the delicate lips of the fish, which will lead to a descent.

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Crucian carp in handWhen playing, you can immediately feel the mass of the catch. Small fish do not give themselves away, but large specimens show decent resistance. The main thing is not to allow large fish to move freely, and when approaching the shore, be sure to use a landing net.

Very often, it is near the coast that large specimens are torn off due to the arrogance of the fisherman. Therefore, the landing net should always be at hand.

Despite all the delights of catching crucian carp in early spring with a float rod, it is worth remembering that with a high probability of catching a trophy fish, low biting activity can be observed.

You just need to stay calm and enjoy every stage of your fishing to the fullest. No tail, no scales!

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