Catching crucian carp in winter on the pond

Fishermen claim that winter carp meat is much tastier than summer carp. And where do they get them? They are caught in the same way as in the warm season.

And since it is not easy to catch a silvery handsome man in winter, it seems so delicious.

Previously, it was believed that with the arrival of the first severe cold weather, this fish burrows into the silt and hibernates there, being half asleep. But accidental catching of crucian carp from the ice began to occur more and more often, and fishermen thought about whether it is possible to catch crucian carp on a pond in winter on purpose. It turned out very much possible. The main thing is to know where and how to do it.

Where to look for crucian carp in the cold season

As it turned out, not every body of water hibernates crucian carp. In some rivers and lakes, he remains active, constantly moving and does not forget to replenish the expended energy, eating everything that he considers edible. Typically, this pattern is observed on bodies of water with a sandy bottom and where there are many predators. It is they who do not allow the crucian carp to fall into suspended animation and stay in this state until spring. So the poor fellow has to stay awake, and the fishermen use it successfully.

Fisherman with an ice screwEven before the surface of the reservoir turns into a smooth mirror, the heat-loving crucian carp shifts to deep areas and keeps at the very bottom. The water temperature here is several degrees higher than in shallow water or near the surface, and he just needs that. That is why the choice of a place to catch crucian carp in winter on a pond comes down to one thing – the search for such wintering pits. If the crucian carp camp is found, that’s half the battle. The rest is small.

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Crucian carp is caught in all weather conditions, but on cold windy days and during prolonged snowfalls, the bite is very sluggish. But in sunny frosty weather and during thaws, it can please with numerous effective bites. It happens that there is enough so that you only have time to serve. Most often this happens before noon, sometimes at lunchtime and at night, but this should not be regarded as a general rule for all bodies of water. On each separate pond or river, this fish has its own feeding schedule, which becomes clear after 3-4 trips.

Tackle and bait for catching crucian carp from ice in winter

The main tools of winter fishermen are float and nod fishing rods. Both options are great for catching crucian carp from ice. A sensitive nod will register all bites, despite the fact that in winter this fish takes the bait extremely sluggishly, and tackle with a float is not so alarming. In general, both modifications have their own advantages, so everyone chooses a rod based on their own habits and preferences.

Caught fishAs for the fishing line, there is always one regularity in this issue: the thinner it is, the more bites, but at the same time the probability of breakage increases. To catch crucian carp in winter on a jig, monofilament with a cross section of 0.1 to 0.16 mm is usually used, depending on the size of the object of fishing. It is also advisable to use the jig, not too large, so as not to arouse suspicion in him once again. Its shape and color may vary, but experienced anglers recommend starting with black and dark red models. If you can’t seduce silver with their help, then it makes sense to experiment with brighter colors. But the hooks, on the contrary, it is better to set large, for example, No. 4 according to the international classification. On such a hook, you can plant a whole “bouquet” of bloodworms or a large worm, prudently harvested since the fall.

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By the way, about baits. In addition to the classic red bait that anyone from bleak to ruff can covet, there are others. For example, pieces of bacon, dough, semolina. Hungry crucian carp, even in winter, does not refuse such food, although it is considered summer food.


It is almost impossible to drill a hole exactly over a flock of crucian carp, it would be great luck. Therefore, you have to lure the fish by throwing the bait in a promising place. The mixture for catching crucian carp in winter is simple and as old as the world – it is breadcrumbs mixed with fodder bloodworms. The animal component should not be too much, otherwise it will attract predators to the point. In this case, the object of fishing will immediately leave this area further away. In addition, it is important that the bait is loose enough and does not fall to the bottom with a stone, but smoothly descends, creating a cloud of attractive turbidity.

Tactics for catching crucian carp in winter on a pond

Place the bait on the bottom and wait for the fish to come or play? What is the best winter fishing tactic? It is difficult to answer, each angler determines his “style” empirically. Someone is better at animation, while others are too lazy to work with their hands, so they sit and closely watch the floats. And I must say they do the right thing, because in winter the crucian carp bites so gently that even the tiniest bite signaling device does not always react to it. Therefore, you need to hook at the slightest movement.

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