Catching herring

We all know firsthand about the taste of herring, because dishes from it are not the last place in our diet. This fish is always present on the festive table and often on the everyday. The overwhelming majority of people buy it in supermarkets, but some manage to fish for herring on a spinning rod on their own, and often near the house. But where did the Black Sea-Azov herring come from in our area?

Herring is a sea fish, unaccustomed to fresh water, but this does not prevent it from spawning in the Volgograd reservoir, in Astrakhan and in rivers such as the Don, Volga or Dnieper. Already at the end of April, numerous schools are sent to the mouths of the listed waterways in order to perform the function of procreation. It was at this time that on the river banks you can see dense ranks of fishermen attracted here by the active movement of herring.

A little help

In 2000, herring in the rivers did not completely disappear, but its number dropped sharply. Every year it became less and less, so the authorized bodies suspended the issuance of fishing licenses. Many years have passed since that moment, the population has begun to gradually recover, but the fish still continues to be listed in the Red Book. In other words, neither people nor the state can catch it. But the paradox is that everyone is catching herring in a row, everyone who is not lazy. They fish with a variety of tackles, from grandfather’s rubber band to spinning.

It is interesting that donors still somehow get along on the shore, but not everything is so smooth with spinning reels. The fact is that catching herring on a spinning rod involves a long cast, and standing shoulder to shoulder with competitors, you won’t swing a rod too much. Even a fairly heavy load does not help to throw at the required distance – up to 40 g.

Tackle for catching herring

A long blank is more suitable for fishing in these difficult conditions. Anglers with spinning rods from 3 meters and the upper limit of the dough up to 50 g are in a better position, since they have the ability to throw far from behind their heads without fear of catching someone. You can put all your energy into such a throw.

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Spinning fishingBy the way, it is not at all necessary to catch herring with an expensive tool made from high-modulus graphite. Neither sensitivity nor sonority of the rod is needed here, as is the case with zander. The softer the rod, the farther it will launch the sinker spinner. Moreover, this fish does not need to be hooked as powerfully as a fanged robber. If she pecked, then she will sit down and will not go anywhere. The fisherman can only pull it out without any preludes.

The coil can be inertial or non-inertial, this does not play a special role. When fishing for herring from the shore, its capacity is much more important. The optimal size will be in the range of 3000-4000, allowing you to gain the necessary supply of fishing line (0.3-0.35 mm) or cord (0.18 mm)

Spoon for herring with your own hands

What are herring baubles? For many years, craftsmen have soldered them with their own hands, and now a catchy spoon can be purchased in almost every fishing store. It is a light metal lure with an oblong shape with a sealed hook number 7, 8 or 9. You can use petals taken from spinning lures such as Mepps Comet or their counterparts, but you will have to fix the hook yourself.

Spoon with hookTo cast such a lure, you will need an additional streamlined weight that prevents the leash from tangling. It is best to take a spindle sinker with ears on the sides. One is for fixing the main line, the other is for a leash with a spoon. After casting, you just need to swing the rod wide, and the leash will slide over the lead and straighten. As for its length, it should not exceed 1.5 meters. It is not worth putting on a longer leash, otherwise you may have problems with casting.

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Some lovers of spinning herring fishing use a rig with a wire yoke. The task of this element is to take the lead with the lure from the main line at the time of casting. In general, this rig looks unpretentious. A load is hung on the short shoulder of the rocker (5-8 cm), on the long (23-25 ​​cm) – a one and a half meter leash with a tied spoon, and the main line is attached to the ring between them.

Sometimes the herring passes a short distance from the coast. In this case, there is no need to come up with a tricky rig and take away the leash, you can fish with ordinary oscillating spoons. Small castmasters with a mass of up to 10 g have proven themselves best of all. They have excellent aerodynamics, so they fly accurately and far. It is advisable to connect them to the main line through a swivel.

Features of the search for a flock

Old seasoned spring herring hunters keep a secret method, which they call “diagonal fishing.” Its principle is that after casting the lure is allowed to sink until half of the line is hidden in the water. When this happens, you can start reeling. It should be noted that their fishing line, as a rule, is very thick – up to 0.5 mm in diameter. But when fishing on a wave, and even on a thinner braided cord, invisible on the water, such a trick does not work. How, then, can you find the right horizon?

Fishermen on the pondIt so happens that several dozen people stand in a close line on the shore, everyone has about the same bait, the casting distance is also, but only one lucky man carries the fish. He unhooks one by one and smiles slyly. What’s his secret? The answer is simple: he managed to find the horizon in which the school moves. To get the same pleasure, you should watch him, spy on what pause he is waiting for after casting, leads the bait quickly or slowly, and so on. Often the exact repetition of his actions brings results.

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Nobody forbids looking for the necessary horizon on your own. This will take some experimentation. For example, start the first drive after the load touches the bottom surface, the second – two or three seconds earlier, the third – after waiting for an even shorter pause. That is, with each subsequent cast, the bait fall time is reduced. When the first bite occurs, it will become clear how to proceed. From all of the above, the conclusion suggests itself that the success in catching herring on a spinning rod depends on how far the angler throws the tackle and at what depth he leads the bait.

Determination of the catchy horizon does not guarantee gambling fishing for the whole day, because each flock follows its own route. The next joint will be closer to the surface or, conversely, in the lower layers of water. Therefore, you need to be ready for constant experiments, if the biting stops, you will have to look for fish again.

Notes to the angler. Practice has shown that external factors strongly influence herring appetite. In warm sunny weather, the course lasts up to three weeks, it is perfectly caught, which gives fishermen a lot of pleasure. But a sharp cold snap can interfere with this process, in which bites become rare and sluggish, and catches are scarce.

Therefore, if forecasters promise lower temperatures, gusty winds and low pressure, it is better to stay at home.

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