Catching in the wiring

Fishing in the harness is an exciting, highly sporting and successful activity. The drift bait, guided by the angler, is the main interest for the fish. The art of wiring is to provoke a bite.

Boat fishingThis type of fishing makes it possible to successfully fish in places where there is a strong current, especially if its speed is different. The main place where anglers gather, wishing to try their luck in fishing, can be those bodies of water where water masses move everywhere. Float tackle is the most optimal for conducting fishing.

How to fish in wiring

Fishing in the wiring is possible not only from the shore. Bridges, boats, rafts and docks, thick trunks of trees dumped into the water will be suitable. The place where the current exists is perfect for this type of fishing.

Float wiring

In order to approach the process correctly, it is important to know some conditions that will help ensure a successful fishing in the wiring. What you need to get the right start:

  • Choose the right place for fishing.
  • In depth, the selected location should have a depth of one and a half to six meters.
  • The length of approximately the same depth should be up to eight meters downstream.
  • The bottom should preferably be flat and clean.
  • It is imperative to use feeding that lures the fish.

If the angler catches in the wiring from the coastline, then disguise behind the bushes is desirable. Such fish as roach, silver bream, chub, podust, barbel, perch, dace, bream, ide can become an object for fishing in the wiring.

A fishing rod for this type of fishing, as a rule, has a length of up to 5 meters, a reel is not really needed here, and the line must have the same length. In order to properly set the float, you should pay attention to the fact that, despite the fact that the line is stretched, the bait should be at the very bottom. Meanwhile, the float itself should look out of the water by 5 millimeters.

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The depth of the reservoir in the fishing area and the strength of the current depends on how large the float will have to take and what weight the weight is… After casting, it is important to align the rod parallel to the water, but you need to hook the fish in the opposite direction. It is better to feed the fish regularly, in one place. This makes it possible to keep the fish near the place chosen for fishing.

Fishing in boatsAlso, fishing in the wiring from a boat has become widespread. By having a boat, a fisherman can more productively choose his fishing spot. Many places in the water, which would be ideal for fishing, are often inaccessible to the hiker. But if you have a boat, you can afford to search for a suitable place to drift.

If the water ripples, then a kind of unloading of the float should be carried out, raising the tip above the water. The sensitivity of the float tackle is of great importance when fishing in line. Also, it is recommended to use colored floats: light shades of blue and light blue, when dragging – sand, and when snaking at the edge of aquatic plants – light green will not frighten the fish.

Notes to the angler: When the speed of the water flow changes, then bites may be uncharacteristic. Also, their nature can undergo changes when changing the bait or when biting different types of fish. But for a successful hook, the angler’s movement must be instantaneous. As for the bait, leeches, worms, bark beetles, larvae and maggots are applicable in this capacity.

Fishing places

A well-chosen fishing spot is one thing. The variety of bottom topography is a positive factor for fish accumulation. The study of the bottom also plays an important role in determining a suitable area for fishing. For this purpose, you can use a pole or long stick for approximate depth. As for the current, it should not be with whirlpools. Smooth flow will be the key to a good view of the float and a successful sweep. Wrinkles, grass and stones should also not litter the bottom of the chosen place.

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FishermanSmall rivers very often have drops in the bottom topography. That is why experienced fishermen who have been fishing for more than one year in the wiring from a boat, with such cliffs, are advised to be aground, half a meter up from the cliff itself. In this case, the fish will not notice the boat and will react to the bait at the very edge.

When establishing deep descent, it is important to note that specimens such as bream, podusty, ide and gudgeon prefer to take bait that practically floats along the bottom. But the higher location of the nozzle is more to the liking of dace, roach, perch and chub. If fishing is designed for several days, then you should carefully consider checking the depth to which the tackle is lowered. Experienced fishermen say that sometimes their surprise was great when, on the next day of fishing, the lured place, which yesterday brought an excellent catch, was occupied by trifles. The explanation for this was called the fact that after the rain passed at the highest point, the water level rose, and the bite pattern changed.

As for the hook, it is very important that it is very sharp.… When fishing takes place in the above described way, then, as a rule, the fish holds the bait in its mouth very little. If she feels that the hook has pricked her, then the bait floating past her is immediately thrown away. It is for this reason that a sharp hook and good reaction of the angler are so important when fishing in line.

The choice of bait and attachments

As for the groundbait, its consistency should not be very tight. Complementary foods should fall to the bottom of the reservoir to break up into small pieces. To achieve this result, many fishermen use clay as a binding agent. Crumpled balls should be thrown downstream so that the bottom is strewn with food that will attract fish and increase the number of bites.

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Fishing lures can be as follows:

Tip: Multi-component “sandwiches” can be very effective for the wiring attachment.… You can combine a worm with a maggot or a worm with a worm. There can be many options. Barley is also an excellent option as bait. If you soak small dung worms in drops of anise, it will become an excellent bait for gourmets such as crucian carp and carp.

The process of fishing in the wiring

The very process of fishing the fish in the posting is quite exciting. He is loved by anglers, and allows you to have an interesting time, bringing home a good catch. As for the exciting moments of the hooking, then, probably, every fisherman sometimes dreamed of rippling waves on the water and the signal tip of the float.

Fishing tackle

It is important to approach the fishing process responsibly, and most importantly quietly. Avoiding loud noises will help not scare the inhabitants of the reservoir. It is better to lay out equipment at a certain distance from the fishing spot.

For those who have not yet tried this method of angling, it may seem tedious. But with a responsible approach to the technical side of harness fishing, as well as tips that are understandable even for novice anglers, they can help to delve into this type of fishing such as harness. Having mastered this method, everyone can boast of a fine knowledge of the peculiarities of fishing and a good catch.


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