Catching pike on spinning

Pike coveted trophy for every fisherman, and the taste is excellent fish. Going fishing with spinning, it is first necessary to acquire the right bait.

Lures for walleye

Pike well caught on the foam rubber fish size from 5 to 8cm on an offset hook or with double. But single hook is better because it is simpler to hooking fish. In autumn, you can catch and larger fish without a tail carrots. A preferable weight – lentils, with the weight bait best plays, and in the fall of lentils falling edge, and then lies on her side, parlance while making a circular motion and falls to the bottom.

Fish is attacking from the bottom, and parlance sticks out above the bottom at a slight angle or vertically. Silicone bait for walleye is good because you can easily pick up the game options and color. Zander prefer lime green and white mother of pearl Twister size 12cm. He is not afraid of large baits and attacks. When it is active, it is good to use Twister or vibrohvost, or fish with a pocket. The last flying not very far, but good catches of the predator. In the dark glowing in the summer they use vibrohvosta.

There are two types of lures: off the tees and nezatseplyayki. Offset hook good for porolonovyh fish, and silicone lures, and bent double for parlance. In the first place are jig baits. It’s all kinds spinnerbait with petal. They can easily change the sinker and bait petal should not be changed. If the bite passive, as bait you can put a foam rubber fish. Great jig turntables with the size of the petal No. 1, 2, they fly far, resistance to cast the minimum, well pull the fishing line and lure big walleye. But it bites less. In hard to reach places use a jig with a pinwheel nezatseplyayki paramonovoy fish and the offset hook in the back.

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Successfully used bait type, long John, and artificial worms on the offset hook. Long John ash borer mimics fish type bleak. Due to the long body of these baits can retool the hook. The color is set. At great depth in the autumn the preferred bait of bright lemon yellow, carrot and white pearl color that glow. Good work parlance mouse-colored on the sandy bottom and turbid, and bright water is a universal color. Late fall use polyurethane foam fish. The wiring they do not work, and bite on them from the bottom, they’re standing there upright. Spinning must be sensitive with a jig nod to recognize a strike from the bottom. Even use different wabeke of goat hair, with trinicom, compressed the termofit. They are light and far-flying, slow falling, are easy to slip in the jaws and fish hooking easier.

When fishing for walleye most often used the shortened wiring. Make no more than 2 turns of the coil. Cargo pick up, focusing on the fall of the lure. Fall time should not be more than 1 – 2sec. For a longer fall so you jump big jumps, and pike doesn’t like to take the bait, which is more than 0.5 m from the bottom, so you need to catch with a short pause and a shorter step. A very important pause at the bottom from 1 – 4S. There is a reception drawing bait spinning reel on the bottom: step, provocative, then again the step.

If scraping along the bottom with a heavy load and porolonovoj or a foam fish is difficult to detect the bite. To catch walleye should be in areas with hard bottom and where there are differences of depths in rivers. In reservoirs in summer pike rises above tremoloa. At this time catch it on a jig lure is not effective, but it is better to use different vibrating lures and crankbaits. Well suited to large models of wobblers, playing at the bottom, such as depunere. Significant blade they can deep dive, you can have a great catch on the track or floating downstream.

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Wobbler should periodically banging a spatula on the bottom, quickly vibrate, and have a rattle. Lures of the type ratline have a stable high-frequency game and well keep the horizon transaction. Fishing for walleye at night in the shallows on crankbaits starts from mid-July and lasts through August. Catch it here crank class “Amigo”, deepens it is not deep. Night walleye can play close to the shore and catch it surface lures – are. Summer pike is at shallow depth and is well caught on turntables No. 3,4,5.

Spinner type “Comet” cast doing against the tide, posting with a touch of the petal bottom. “Longer” throw perpendicular to the flow, give the bait will aglobitse and make the retrieves slow posting – it gives the maximum number of bites. Spoons for walleye is also productive, but they are expensive. The most effective trehgorka and kastmaster. The transaction speed, in the fall, they work very slowly, and perch takes are better than any jig bait. In places where there is no hooks spoons are just gorgeous. They can successfully catch and plumb.

When Zander caught better?

Spring pike caught better from 15 th April to 10 th may – when starts the pre-spawning feeding period of pike-perch. Caught the largest specimens. At this time, the walleye lacks any bait. From 10 may until the end of the month, caught a large walleye. In June posledeistvie biting, schools of perch break up, the fish goes on with day power at night, and catch her only at dawn. From mid-summer walleye night moves purely on power and is caught just after sunset. Since the end of August and in early September you can begin to catch it on a jig. In the autumn night caught on a heavy jig. From October to mid-November, again biting, catch on jig lures and heavy spoons. In November, the bite subsides, but there are large trophy fish.

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