Changed the conditions for the conclusion of hunting agreements

photo: Ignatova Valentina

photo: Ignatova Valentina

According to one of the authors of the bill, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, Vladimir Lebedev, the amendments clarify the types of payments made under hunting agreements.

From the list of conditions included in the hunting agreements, the annual amount of rent for land and forest areas within the hunting grounds is excluded.

It also clarifies a number of information that should be contained in the notice of the auction – now instead of information about the annual amount of fees for the use of objects of the animal world, information on fees paid for the use of such objects during the year should be indicated.

The initial price of the subject of the auction (i.e., the initial price of the right to enter into a hunting agreement) includes the product of collection rates for the use of wildlife and quotas for hunting resources for the previous year.

And in the absence of such quotas, as the units of calculation, the standards for permissible withdrawal of hunting resources for the previous year are used.

The terms of hunting agreements concluded prior to the day of entry into force of the Federal Law must be brought into compliance by June 1, 2020.

Nikita Vyatchanin
                     July 26, 2019 at 14:13

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Ob. The first pancake is lumpy.

This season I haven’t yet caught from a boat on the Ob, but it’s time.

We decide with Andrey to start the sutra before.

07/11/19. Time to dinner, so not far.

Morning, Ob, few people. Lepot The water is very warm, turbid.

We hollow a jig of perski and snags, a relief and watering. In general, wherever possible.

And only small pike perch bite. Foam rubber, mandala, rubber – the result is the same.

Catch, let go.

It's sad.

We are going to the canal, we decided to look for a pike in the grass and drive a non-goose-hoe.

Pike is, about the size is not very. Unloaded rubber, fluctuated, spinnerbaits. All is one.

Moved to another duct, deeper, with a tightness.

From the riverbed to the jig, there were empty poklevki, but from the coastal edge, right on the grass, Andrey took a couple of kilosheks.

Where is the big one? How many with comrades did not speak, while not very much at all. Will seek.

Night hunting.

Summer, July.

It's time to look for night wolves – zander.

For a long time with friends we go on such fishing. It is a lot of pluses: catching is interesting, there is no daytime heat and there are almost no competitors.

But it is not always possible to see the perch.

By 6 pm on the spot. While collecting the boat, a motorboat approached the point. Twisted, caught, left empty.

Swum out, passed with an echo sounder. We looked at the relief – Pepida from 7 to 1.5 m. There is a lot of fodder fish. And the silhouettes of the predator are not visible.

While it is light, we are trying to jig and twitch wobblers. Several poklevok on the jig-bitten tail of foam rubber, plucked silicone.

Something like one word, kilo two hundred.

Hope for twilight and night.

Because of the smog, the sun is terrible.

It is getting dark, and there are no predator flops. Poklevok the same no.

Already midnight, the shutter speed is already running out. Around the silence, the fish as evaporated.

We start to think about the camp and revenge on the matte.

And then I get hit on megabass vision oneten plus 1. And on the cord came a lively rival. The dream disappeared like a hand.

And here he is in the net. Not bad!

Almost immediately, Andrew will get a bite. but unfortunately by. Nearby is a characteristic sudary splash

But … No luck, the output was very short. For more than an hour wobblers drove, tried and jig. Silence.

Swam to the camp on the side. Get up at 4. Yeah barely teared]]]

In the morning on the point again silence. Something like a few perch caught.

Let's go search. As a result, the Okushka up to 100-150 grams was caught in small wobblers.

July is not happy yet, we will not spit fishing, we will find a fish]]]

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