Catfish catching – common methods

Catfish is the real master of all large bodies of water. He moves importantly and sedately at depth, and small fish respectfully bypasses him. Still would! One has only to approach this predator, and immediately find yourself in his mouth.

A large catfish is a desirable catch for any fisherman, one might even say a cherished dream. It is a large, not a small catfish that looks like a tadpole. A real giant with a huge mouth and a long mustache is what everyone who ever held a fishing rod dreams of. How to catch this? In order for a large fish to be in the cage, you need to carefully prepare for fishing: find out the habitat, decide on the method of fishing, set up the tackle correctly, and pick up the bait.

Catfish can be caught in different ways, some even fall for a float rod. But this is pure coincidence, and in this case it is almost impossible to pull it ashore, since the tackle is intended for a completely different fish. Purposefully, however, catfish are most often caught with kwok, by trolling and with ordinary spinning. Let’s consider all three types of fishing in more detail.


When and by whom this simple instrument was invented, no one knows. It is only known that it has existed for a very long time and, most likely, will remain the main weapon in the arsenal of an inveterate catfish for a long time to come. Kwok is a mallet that, when hitting the water, creates an attractive sound that lures the catfish out of the pits. It is clear that he himself does not catch fish, he needs tackle.

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KvochitOur grandfathers swung the mustachioed with primitive tackle, consisting of a thick line, a load and a hook. Bait fish, frogs, barley meat, crayfish necks, bears, fried sparrows served as baits. If it was planned to capture a trophy specimen, they did not spare even a delicious chicken liver. They had to fish out for the fishing line, so they rarely did without cuts and other injuries on their hands.

Today, the tackle for catching catfish on the kwok has been significantly modernized. The kwok itself has not changed, the baits have remained the same. But now they are thrown with a powerful spinning rod equipped with a multiplier reel, and instead of a monofilament, a strong braided cord is used. Everyone saw how the catfish was caught on the kwok from the boat. On the rivers you can often find fishermen, slowly floating with the current and tapping with a wooden shovel on the surface of the water. And behind the boat, a delicacy stretches along the bottom, which sooner or later will grab a hungry catfish.


In this type of catfish fishing, a watercraft is also used. Probably, many have heard about fishing with a strand, so trolling is the same thing, only the boat goes against the current on a running engine.

Fisherman in a boatYou can also swim after him, but experienced anglers advise you to trolling towards the current, trying to bypass heavily encircled and overgrown areas. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing an expensive wobbler, or even more than one. In general, such catfish catching from a boat is similar to wobbling. Unless you need to wield a mallet in it, and only artificial baits are used.

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For trolling, you need a powerful spinning rod of medium length (2.10 or 2.40 m), a reliable reel with good traction characteristics, a large supply of strong fishing line (at least 200 m) and a leash made of special material (as an option – a string). As for the wobbler, it is selected taking into account the depth and activity of the object of fishing. In any case, do not be shy about the size of the baits. Swallowing a 15 cm long fish is not a problem for catfish.


With ordinary spinning, catfish are caught on jig lures, catching it on a spinning rod, spinner and other “iron” is pure coincidence. Such fishing is extremely interesting, recklessly and not without surprises.

Catfish on a wobblerSometimes the giant is tempted by bait intended for another predator. Therefore, if there are catfish in the pond, it is better to insure: take a more powerful rod, put a thick fishing line and appropriate equipment, check the accessories (winding rings, swivels, fasteners, etc.) …

Not every angler is ready to fish for catfish. To do this, at least you must have good physical fitness and strong nerves. Fighting a mustache is not an easy task, sometimes it takes several hours.

If you get caught so big that it is impossible to lift it aboard, it is better to try to tow it to the shore and already there pull the trophy out onto land.

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