Caught, fish, big and very big, my advice

The first secret of good fishing is that the fish have not, as others do. Understand that tried most methods of fishing that do not bring in the end result are not correct.

The second important secret of success in fishing is the need to examine the object of your hunting in advance.

It should be understood that different fish will behave differently. And knowing, for example, features of the behavior of a large predator, you’ll be much more patient while fishing waiting for your trophy. Remember that successful fishing is not the number of fish caught and the size of even one valuable instance.

The remainder of this article describes more specific suggestions for effective fishing.

Choose the right place

If the location you have chosen for fishing, none of the big fish are not caught, there is nothing don’t waste your time – you don’t catch in this place nothing is worthy of attention. But this is not sure ))

If you have chosen to fish a small reservoir, find some bushes or growing in the water tree. It is in this place works best leaving your bait.

On reservoirs of medium and large sizes to better fishing, sitting in a boat, especially in places where there is depression. In the absence of boats, you can use the bait on the spinning rod, float-sail.

You can try your luck and standing near the shore, but a predatory fish is there for a short time directly after spawning, and then again returned to the depths.

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Set the correct depth

Not all the fishermen pay due attention to such important part of good fishing as the proper depth to catch fish. And for good reason.

Do not expect that fish will begin to jump towards you in a boat in search of profit. If you are aware of the depth that the bait should be set somewhere at 1 meter above the bottom. Only in this case you can expect the bite of a large specimen.

Setting the bait at the correct depth for not only ice fishing but also a summer. However, selecting the correct depth without special equipment you can not do.

Secrets lure

Here you need to use two rules:

1. Be original! Do not assume the fish is dumber than she really is. Choose a bait that catches the old fashioned way most fishermen. Use for fishing different types of bait until you find one that will be effective.

2. Calculate the size of the lure. If you catch a big fish, the bait must comply with, and this means that the bait should be at least 10-15% of the size of the fish you’re after. Of course, the lure of the size of 30-35 cm with no hands even the experienced angler but at least try to keep your bait was not less than 20-25 cm

And again. Be patient! If you fish in the pond next to the house, do not expect to immediately peck will be 30-pound catfish. A good catch depends on how much effort and time you spent fishing. Some fishermen for the whole season waiting for a trophy.

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If your goal is easy prey for large fish, then you need to go fishing abroad, somewhere in Canada, for example. There you will easily and remarkable preparation daily catch of large predators.

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