Combined spinners

After managed to stabilize and improve the hydrodynamics of spinners, the opportunity to use the advantages of lures of different types, combining them into one. So a completely new, hitherto unknown group of artificial lures — spinners combined Developers combined spinners, creating them came, obviously, from these considerations: spinner game petal creates, of course, a certain range of fluctuations, but it moves only in a straight line, at best — at the speed of the trajectory. Oscillating the spinner also moves not straight, but she is able to move in the horizontal plane to yaw.

In addition, it generates low frequency vibrations which the turntable can not create. By combining the two types of lures in one lure, it would be possible to expand considerably the range of use, both rotating and oscillating spinners. Moreover, a combined spoon, most likely, would have and completely new qualities possessed separately neither spinner nor kolebalki.

It just happened. Oscillating turntable proved to be extremely versatile, comfortable and efficient. It is equally effective fished near the bottom, and the upper layers, and in the water column. It readily takes any predator. She plays equally well on lakes and rivers with a strong current. However, each model has its own inherent behaviors. Its properties depend on the ratio of the parameters (weight, length, width, shape, bend, etc.), vibrating and rotating petals. So spinning, having in its Arsenal this spinner should thoroughly examine all the subtleties and nuances of her behavior. Depending on the depth, strength of currents, the speed of transactions, from snap it is capable of movement to behave: as a fan, how kolebalki, if not as a third. Most likely, the potential of combined lures yet fully disclosed.

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Encouraged by the success, the developers offered another kind of combined artificial lure — Wobbler — chopper. Most often, this lure presents a small (3 cm to 5 cm) slow sinking lure, which is the front of the blade mounted miniature rotary lobe and a flattened cone. We cannot say that this lure turned out to be as successful as the previous one. First, Wobbler lost the opportunity during the transaction to sunaryati and stagger, and secondly, the petal has lost its main feature — to change the rotation angle depending on the speed of retrieve. This versatile bait also died, but in angling Chub, perch and some species of salmon in the surface layer of water, it have a good start. Best Wobbler, spinner behaves in the absence of or a slow current in medium, and fast pace transactions.

Under these conditions, the petal rotates with a maximum speed of at an angle to the axis of rotation of 75-85° and as it prevents the dip is not very heavy crankbait in the water column. In the meantime Wobbler finely trembling and scarcely perceptible swinging in a horizontal plane. But the slow posting speed and angle of rotation of a petal is sharply diminished, and sometimes altogether petal sticks to the rod, and the lure begins to sink head down. At the depth 1.5 — 2.0 m increases the pressure and the lure doesn’t play at all.

The temporary setback did not discourage manufacturers of artificial baitsand they released a series combination of spinners, which on a hook or on snastochki consisting of two different hooks, wearing a variety of soft plastic lures (goldfish, worms, vibrohvosta, twisters, etc.). The first in this series was a fish-spinner. On a rotating spoon of medium size, weighing from three to fourteen grams of the place the hook was set snastochki of the two hooks — one double and one triple. And they planted a feather-light latex fish looks very similar to a real Bank. But this striking resemblance all the advantages of such spinners end.

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The fact that snastochki with a fish with a lure connected movably, and since the fish longer and easier the spinners, then when casting, especially when you fall on water, very much often occur schlecty and tangling of the leash. This contributes to the abundance of protruding from the body of fishes of the brands of hooks. At the time of posting the petal of the spinners is playing well, but behind him emerging eddy currents of the water spin fish, and she starts an intense rotation around its axis.

And since the spinner is provided with protivoshokovymi device, its rotation through the core is easily transmitted through the line. There were, however, attempts to turn the petal and the fish in opposite directions, but the fish stubbornly continued to tighten the line. Of course, to catch on a lure you can, because in the end, it is no worse than usual, not improved fans, but it’s better if she will have You as a souvenir. It is very impressive it looks.

More successful was the bait, consisting of wersalki with dvukhvostka Twister, as well as some combinations of lures and soft baits. At least, an additional nozzle will not compromise the game rotating lobe, and perhaps even to diversify it. However, such lures are not as versatile as coupled vibrating and rotating. To test the properties of the various lures of this type can any angler spinning. You prying off the tee, which is equipped with a turntable or kolebalki, to impose any artificial soft bait. So it often happens that in certain exposure conditions the selected combination of nozzles is more efficient than its components separately.

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