Correct ways of draping maggots

One of the most catchability bait is maggot. The nozzle does not slide off the hook, and is able to lure fish even in contaminated water. Experienced anglers easily skewer the bait, but for beginners it often becomes a problem. After reading this article, anglers will be able to better understand the ways to solve this problem.

You need to consider to do the right thing

Every fisherman eventually comes to the desired solution, but why learn from your own mistakes? Here are a few recommendations, listen to them.

  • Hooks for maggots must be very sharp. If you are using old equipment, replace them as a blunt fish hooks just tear larvae, and leave only the shell.
  • Pierce Taurus the maggots closer to the head, (where the insect is a black dot).
  • The point of the hook does not have to be hidden in the body of a maggot, it will not affect the bite.
  • If the fish is large, it can be hung several larvae.
  • Several ways of mounting the bait

    Having examined the basic concepts, you can move on, and to consider the specifics of proper installation of a maggot on a fishing hook. Note that you can use any of them, but the main condition that should be taken into account – the value of the fish. For example, if we are talking about carp fishing, it is a fairly standard nozzle (a single maggot). If the object of the hunt is a big fish such as tench, carp, carp and the like, you need a bunch of maggots.

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    Option # 1

    Standard. Maggot is suspended for the skin in the head region. Based on the structure of larval body, remember that the head of the larva is at the sharp end. A distinctive feature by which they can be identified, is a black mark.

    A common mistake novice anglers is that they’re trying to make a puncture through the head. This is wrong, because the larva in this case, compresses the body, the head is drawn in, and this considerably complicates the whole process.

    Threading tip with the inner part of the body (near the neck), you will be much easier, and nozzle dribble. Stinger hook do not have to hide in the bait. But if you want to hide podavaite insect sandpaper with some margin for the edge – a few millimeters will be enough.

    Option # 2

    It is suitable for mounting several of blowfly larvae (beam). This method is used in cases when you want to get rid of the small things, and to only catch trophy fish. It happens that a lone maggot react only small species, but if you hung a few larvae (two to five), the majors will be interested in the similar nozzle. Especially will rejoice members of the order Cyprinidae.

    A bundle of stick insects like a lonely maggot, the larvae just push one another down the shank.

    Option # 3

    Quite a good method when maggots put on a snap-like stocking, piercing the back part with two points. In this case, the tip of the fishing hook will stick out from the Central part of the body. The advantages of the method is that small fish do not have the ability to pull the nozzle.

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    This method is suitable for catching of large fish that can swallow the bait together with the hook. A perfect place for such hooks of small size.

    Option # 4

    In this case, the bait clings exactly the opposite from the previous method: maggot is threaded from the center torso and the sting is hidden inside the carcass. This installation is ideal for catching small fish, as the edge does not cause her any significant harm.

    But there is one drawback – the larva quickly dies away and ceases to move. It is best to use this option during the activation of a bite when the fish don’t need to stir up other lures. If bad bite, this method is unlikely to produce results.

    Option # 5

    Used in cases when the fish are lethargic and not responding to the bait. Pushed a bunch of maggots, and some of them are cropped at the ends. Thus water begins to stand out attractive fish odor, which will effectively lure the fish fauna’s representatives to the point of casting.

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