Cube tent for winter fishing

Winter fishing is a hobby of real men who are not afraid of either strong winds, extremely low temperatures, or snowdrifts up to the waist, preventing them from reaching the place of fishing. They are willing to put up with it all for a few bites. But why test yourself for endurance? Progress does not stand still, today it is possible to fish from the ice, if not in comfortable, then quite normal conditions. To do this, you just need to purchase a winter tent.

A modern cube tent for winter fishing is a reliable shelter from the wind, protection from the penetrating cold and precipitation. It can be installed on ice in a matter of minutes, and if it is an automatic model, then in just a few seconds, and then it is convenient to sit inside and fish for your pleasure. The materials from which tents are now made are durable and reliable. They do not tear, stretch, do not allow moisture to pass from the outside and retain heat inside the small portable room. For fixing on a slippery ice surface, special fasteners are provided that hold the shelter in place even in heavy gusts of wind.

All of the above qualities are possessed by the cube-shaped tents that are popular today, breaking sales records. They are practical, quite mobile, and it is comfortable to fish in them, especially on cold winter nights.

Design features of the cube tent

Shelters in the form of a cube appeared relatively recently and immediately created worthy competition for umbrella-type models. In a short time, many new types of such tents have appeared, every year they become more practical and improved.

Tent on the grass

The cube is not as streamlined as the umbrella, but even in the wind it will not be difficult to install it. You just need to fix the bottom with gimbals, and then just straighten the entire structure. If necessary, you can install additional braces to increase the stability of the tent.

The frame elements of most cube tents are made of duralumin alloy or fiberglass. These are strong enough materials to withstand heavy loads. The awning of the tent can be single-layer, two-layer, three-layer, insulated, quilted, with an additional protective coating.

There will be no problems with choosing the size of the cube tent. Fishermen are offered both single-seater shelters and huge “cubes” in which 5-6 people can freely fit. In addition, leading manufacturers of winter tents have developed connecting awnings, so that the internal area can be doubled.

For completeness, we present the most common sizes in the table.

Dimensions length (cm) width (cm) height (cm)
Small 150 150 170
Average 180 180 200
Large 240 240 205

Advantages and disadvantages of cubic winter tents

Due to the vertical arrangement of the walls in the cube tent, there is much more internal space than in the “umbrellas”. Thanks to this, if desired, three fishermen will be able to “get along” in a double tent. There is also enough space for convenient placement of tackle, fishing accessories, and a heater. The shape allows an adult to straighten up to full height to stretch the stiff lower limbs. On ice fishing, where you have to sit over the hole for hours, this is important.

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Tent window

Almost any model of such a tent can be set up in minutes. And one person can easily cope with the assembly and installation. The help of a partner may be needed unless in a strong gusty wind.

When folded, the product takes up very little space; it can be transported in the trunk of a car. Many winter fishermen travel to the reservoirs by electric trains and suburban buses, taking with them a tent, which may be lighter than the same fishing box.

The skirts and floor of the cube tents are made from special materials. Ice crumbs do not freeze to them, so you can drill holes after installing the shelter.

Separately, it should be said about the quality of modern cube tents. Fierce competition forces manufacturers to refine their products, so each next model is always better than the previous one. Today, the highest quality materials are used for the production of tents. These are lightweight, but at the same time quite strong frame elements, a dense waterproof awning, comfortable fittings (fasteners, zippers, etc.). Fishing in such a “house” is comfortable and pleasant.

Unfortunately, cubes also have disadvantages. They are few, but some anglers call them essential. The biggest disadvantage is the formation of a cold layer at the bottom, while warm air is concentrated at the top. This is due to the cubic shape. In severe frost (-10 degrees and below), it will not work to heat the entire space with the help of the usual candles, the legs will still freeze. A good gas burner or some other similar heater will help to combat this phenomenon.

The fabric of the awning, even a dense multi-layer, is afraid of sharp objects. It can be accidentally cut with a sharp ice ax blade. It’s good that in the area of ​​the cut, it does not creep. If you have a universal waterproof glue with you, it will take a couple of minutes to eliminate the defect that has appeared.

Black tent

In the address of individual models, you can hear quite fair claims regarding their inconvenient inlet. The hemispherical entrance has too narrow the lower and upper parts to get into such a tent, you need to have some skill. This procedure is further complicated by bulky winter clothing. In a hurry, you can easily catch your foot on the awning, fall and break your arm, or break your nose on a hard ice surface.

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During strong winds, it is difficult to set up a tent with an automatic folding mechanism alone. At the moment of opening the awning, a powerful air flow picks it up and turns the entire structure over. In such conditions, you cannot do without the help of a partner, although many anglers have gained experience in this matter and cope with the installation on their own.

Cube selection criteria

First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which all the components of the tent are made (awning, frame elements, fasteners). Metal-framed structures are more expensive, but they are more reliable and last longer. The fabric of the awning must be waterproof and not blown by the wind, otherwise the purchase will not justify itself. Membrane fabric has proven itself well. It does not allow moisture to pass through, retains heat well and at the same time removes evaporation outside.

The capacity of the tent is of great importance… If the angler fits in it and is not constrained in movement, this is good, but you also need to have additional space to conveniently lay out the tackle and fishing accessories, put a heater. The best choice would be a three-seater model, in which you can comfortably sit together with a friend. Catching together with a partner is not boring, and there will be more heat inside.

Winter tent collection

Another important point is the installation time of the structure. The winter day is short, so every minute counts. In addition, tinkering with a tent in an open space in severe frost is not the most pleasant experience. Installation speed is especially important for those who do not want to be content with two or three bites and prefer to look for fish, and not wait for it in one place. Of course, you won’t walk all the time, but with a quickly set up tent for fishing, you can check several promising points.

The presence of opening vents on the walls and in the ceiling will allow the tent to be ventilated. This must be done when heating the shelter with candles and burners. Transparent windows provide natural light during daytime. You can put your things in specially provided pockets, and fix a flashlight on a hook under the ceiling. The more useful devices there are, the more comfortable fishing is.

Cube tent for winter fishing – TOP 5

According to anglers, the most sturdy cube tents for winter fishing are the following models:

  1. Blue tent cubeSTEC CUB-3 – a three-layer tent for fishing in the winter. The frame is lightweight (fiberglass + carbon), absorbs wind loads well. The outer fabric of the awning is oxford 300PU. There is a wide protective skirt at the bottom. The main advantage of this model is ease of installation, which takes less than a minute. Dismantling takes a little longer. In such a tent, 3 people can catch at once without interfering with each other. The total weight of the structure is 8.8 kg. Cost – in the range from 7 to 8 thousand rubles.
  2. Yellow cube tentTRAMP Ice Fisher 3 – quick-assembly tent with two entrances, two vents and four observation windows. Inside there are two pockets for small items. Awning material – polyester 400D PU. Arcs of the frame are fiberglass, with a diameter of 9.5 mm. There are reflective elements on the outside of the walls, thanks to which you can safely catch at night. Capacity – 3 people. Weight – 9 kg. The price range is 11,500-14,000 rubles.
  3. Lotus tentLOTOS Cube М2 – an improved version of the LOTOS Cube Professional M tent, popular in recent years, with a fundamentally new mechanism for installing the frame. The upper bows are made of flexible composite material and the lower ones are made of rigid aluminum. Thanks to the combination of flexible and rigid ribs, the developers managed to achieve extraordinary ease of setting up the tent, while its frame remains as strong and durable as the previous model. The volume of the assembled structure is 5.7 cubic meters. meters, in which 3 anglers freely fit. The awning fabric is highly wind-resistant (polyester 240D PU). There are protective skirts (outer and inner), two viewing windows, pockets. Weight – 8.5 kg. The cost is quite high – up to 15 thousand rubles.
  4. Fish pro winter tentFISHPROFI 2 – a budget version of a winter tent for fishing with a capacity of 2 people. Dimensions 160x160x180 allow you to comfortably fish together with a friend and move inside the shelter at full height. The waterproof material of the awning is impregnated with a special fire-fighting compound that protects the fabric from fire. Fiberglass frame, windproof. The outer and inner skirts create a comfortable environment inside the shelter. There are 8 pockets for your fishing gear. Weight – 7.4 kg. The price is more than democratic, only 6000-6500 rubles.
  5. Bear tentBEAR Cube-3 – a double tent of a cube shape with a quick-assembly fiberglass frame. All arc connections are aluminum, which gives the structure greater strength. The awning is impregnated with a water-repellent compound, the top is made of “breathable” fabric. The model has two entrances, a windproof skirt (width 20 cm), ventilation windows, including in the upper part for the unhindered exit of combustion products. Product weight – 10.2 kg. The approximate cost is 11,000 rubles.
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It is up to you to decide which cube winter tent to buy, the pleasure is not cheap, so choose carefully.

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