Donka carp. Benefits. Snap. Secrets

Carp is a serious fish. To catch you need to make some effort. Professionals-carpatica have in their Arsenal a lot of tackles, but tackle without any doubt the most popular. It is easy to use and reliable, as evidenced by the experience of many users.

The advantages of bottom gear

Let’s look at some positive sides of these gear:

  • feeders can be used on almost any water bodies with different depths;
  • fish fish is easier and faster;
  • you can lure fish to the fishing spot bait slaughtered in the trough;
  • tackle can be done independently and in a short time;
  • there is a possibility to equip the ground with a bite alarm;
  • fishing can be done in different ways;

How to complement the Donk with a trough

 For fishing on the bottom gear it should be properly staffed. Most important components are:

  • The rod. The most efficient use of spinning bait or feeder. The length of the stick pick up within two to three and a half meters and test 60-120 gr. Good results show the two plug rods of the knee.
  • The coil it is better to put spinning at 3.000-4.000. The spool should fit at least 100 yards of fishing line. It is desirable to have the bait runner.
  • The fishing line should not be very thick, but at the same time reliable and durable. Fishing line works well with cross-sections from 0.2 to 0.35 mm. use elastic Cord and with a bad memory. The results show good monofilament.
  • Usually for catching carp on the Donk fishermen go to deep sea waters, where there is no pronounced flow, so you should equip the rod is not very heavy conical or cylindrical feeders. Perhaps the use of “cells” and springs.
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    A few words about the proper equipment of a donkey with a trough

    When using bottom carp tackle you need to pay special attention to correct installation. Experienced anglers know that carp are very strong and resourceful, because if you lose sight of one thing, a good catch should not count.

    • Equip tackle slip sinker (in many cases it will replace the feeder). This should be done for that when making a bite the fish wouldn’t feel resistance. Otherwise, it will simply sail from the Goodies. For mounting the sliding sinkers needs to be done on the main line, the two nodes so that between them formed the cut, a length of 10-20 cm Nodes will serve as travel stops weight.
    • Sometimes in the process of using tackle anglers replace the leashes, it is not always possible to predict the behavior of the fish. If the bite for a long time is missing, try to replace the leash in a less subtle and not as long. The hook should take the smaller rooms. But to quickly snap a snap on the pond, it should be prepared in advance.
    • When fishing for big carp (over four pounds) use Slobodskaya gear type asymmetric loops, inline. If you are quite satisfied with the smaller instances, then the most ideal option – paternoster. This option has a high sensitivity to the bites, which increases the likelihood of a catch.

    A few secrets for beginners

    Experienced fishermen know almost everything about bottom fishing for carp, newcomers often are confused about the basics. For a good result depends on the fishing season, especially the pond, bait compositions, etc. describe some of the features of a good carp fishing:

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  • Don’t hang on the hook bait from the flour of compounds such as test, masterki, bread. In most cases, they fall off the hook even before they reach the water. It is better to give preference for animal baits – they will be much more effective. Bait and nozzles should excite Karpov appetite by activating the nibble fish. Good work dusty baits, as they only awaken the appetite of fish, not saturating. Don’t forget the treat lure various flavors.
  • For each season are chosen for different kinds of food: if the spring and autumn is better in the trough to place the nutrients protein and more dramatic scents, the summer is better to use more sweet flavors.
  • It is very important to correctly and accurately throw the rope at the intended point. If you have enough experience, you should practice it beforehand.
  • It is advisable to throw food on a small area of territory. Otherwise, the results of fishing are not very good.
  • If after some time no biting, leave the selected point, and try your luck on the other. After some time come back.
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