Efficient showerheads — cow’s udder

One of the most unusual bits used for catching roach and other white fish is a cow’s udder. This product to purchase it is not so easy, but if you spend the time and find it the miner cattle or rural sellers, good bite will be guaranteed. The cost of an udder of a penny, and a piece of gold will be enough for the whole fishing season. It is advisable to buy fresh, not frozen product, otherwise, chances are that you slipped the marriage.

Prepare the nozzle to fishing

Having bought the product once, you can store and use it for a long time – it will not lose their efficient properties. Just put the udder in the freezer and cut the required piece when going fishing.

Very good results show the bait in the winter, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work in summer and early autumn.

Before to place the mammary glands of cows in storage, cut them into small pieces (slices or strips). So it will be easier to shape the lure size.

The lance looked prettier, the pulp is treated with dark red food dye. Thus, the attachment of the udder becomes red color.

Pieces exclusively stay long on the hook, and it gives you the opportunity to catch seven fish without changing the bait. In the water body looks very natural and works better than bloodworms.

Fishing attachment of the udder

The best results shows the lov with the use of this nozzle mormyshkas rod. In this case, the tackle with the head periodically detaches from the bottom and then brought back into place. Generally, fish react to the game gear at the moment when the hook begins its upward movement. When the udder falls into the water and soak, it is much bigger. To help the fish to swallow the head, a fisherman needs to nip off a small piece. It is desirable to fasten the udder so that the tip of the hook sticking out of it. Thus you will significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary idling of bites. The best results show hooks №№ 14, 15, 16. Bait should be small – measuring just a few millimeters.

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If you catch on the jig, the pre-cast hole in the lure of biscuits and fishing waders. Before fishing on the float rod, it is desirable to lure the winter feed mixture for roach.

In most cases, fans of winter fishing, which are used as bait udder, actively move in search of the most productive holes. They do in the ice pond about a dozen holes, and start them all to sh. Promising wells subsequently zakarliuka, for which they lowered a few cone bird feeders with food. After a while, start actually fishing on the float.

It is best to do a few holes in the neighborhood, and each of them put a tackle. In this case you can catch, simultaneously using both hands: if the strike took place in the right hole is pulled with the right hand, and Vice versa.

With any method of fishing is the task of the fisherman is to select the right catchability and fishing on the udder – is no exception. Sometimes in the bays, rivers and estuaries across space, through which large shoals of roach. If you find them, and properly dispense nozzle, it is possible to catch even short winter day, up to five pounds of roach.

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