Epilogue to the Year of Ecology

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Let me remind readers: 12/27/2016 a meeting of the State Council was held, and they were given a start to the “Year of Ecology” in Russia.

V. Putin noted: “It is clear that the work is to be long-term …

But if you do not start large-scale events in this direction, we will always mark time, referring to the fact that there is not enough money to solve current problems, this will not allow us to move on to solving strategic problems.

It is no longer possible to postpone it later. ”

At the meeting, a frightening figure was announced: about 63 million tons of solid household and industrial waste accumulate in Russia in a year. Of these, only 4% is recycled, and then the most backward method is incineration.

S. Donskoy, the then Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources, immediately declared: “We are very grateful to the President for the decision on the Year of Ecology.”

The Ministry of Natural Resources apparently couldn’t think of it before. According to experts, the environmental situation remains alarming in many regions of the country. And they recognize Krasnoyarsk as a zone of ecological disaster, because of its largest aluminum plant in the world.

Norilsk is considered to be the dirtiest cities with the Norilsk Nickel complex and Lipetsk, in which more than 90% of 322 thousand tons of emissions come from the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine. ”

These enterprises belong to the oligarchs of Russia. Here you have the social responsibility of business.

In Moscow, harmful emissions amount to 1 million tons per year, of which 93% is accounted for by cars. Everyone remembers the dump near Sheremetyevo Airport. They would have carried the garbage there, but it became necessary to build a runway, and the dump was closed. At its liquidation took 1.5 billion rubles.

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One can only guess what money the garbage mafia "earned". But the problem remains. Now Moscow is allegedly trying to export waste to the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions. There, people go to rallies against such "investments."

On the eighth of April of this year, information arrived: in the Moscow region the banks of the Klyazma river are strewn with dead fish; Previously, a similar picture was observed on Pakhra. In the suburbs this spring, such messages sounded more than once. Who is poisoning the rivers? No answer. What can we say for the whole of Russia …

Today, about 82 million tons of waste are buried in landfills in Russia. For the year per capita Russians accumulate 445 kg. Do not be afraid, dear reader.

For example, in the USA, 230 million tons of waste are produced annually, about 760 kg per person. But there is no such acute problem as here.

The total area of ​​landfills, sanctioned and unauthorized dumps in Russia, just think, dear reader, is equal to the area of ​​the whole of Switzerland (4.12 million hectares)!

V. Putin warned the State Council: “If we continue to manage with half measures and refer to more important tasks, by 2050 the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases will reach a critical limit. And that means, you and I understand perfectly well, we will leave to future generations an unfit for life environment. ”

An attentive reader will ask, but what are the results of the “Year of Ecology”? The special representative of the president of the Russian Federation, S. Ivanov, called positive that about 80 thousand tons of waste was exported from the Arctic. And it's all?

Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Academician of RAS N. Kasimov acknowledged: “The flaws are that the strategic projects of the Year of Ecology – Clean Country, Wildlife, the preservation of the Volga, Lake Baikal are not sufficiently developed.”

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D. Mironov, coordinator of the ONF Public Monitoring Center on the problems of ecology and forest protection, said: “Unfortunately, this year the situation with the implementation of reforms in the field of waste management is not so bright. And this is primarily due to the hasty adoption of territorial schemes in which mistakes were made. Thanks to the amendments of ONF activists, it is forbidden to sell land in national parks and reserves in private hands. ”

We have, it turns out, that was it! But the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection, V. Burmatov, turned out to be more outspoken: “Unfortunately, the Ministry of Natural Resources has not fully fulfilled any instructions from the President of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Year of Ecology.”

Many dates were broken, including on environmental impact assessment, installation of meters at polluters and others. We were forced to take on some of the orders. For example, the reform of waste management.

Yes, and no wonder. 200 billion rubles were planned for all the events. Of these, 84% of extra-budgetary funds, 12% of regional and 4% of the federal budget. Penny …

Some results of the “Year of Ecology” confirmed the validity of the critical attitude to the effectiveness of the action plan developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation against the background of obvious disregard by the authorities for the current environmental protection documents.

This was confirmed by the story of the Chinese plant "Akvasib" dealing with the spill of Baikal water, which is being built in the village of Kultuk on the shore of Baikal. The coastal zone in the village was dug up in trenches, and pipes were laid in them to Baikal.

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The building is surrounded by a tall fence, and the Chinese are not allowed to enter the plant. The journalists tried to photograph the plant with the help of a copter, but the Chinese immediately shot it down.

According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in recent years, up to 150 wagons of Siberian timber have been illegally transported to China daily. What do local officials say about this?

Irkutsk Region Governor Levchenko flatly denied the plant, although two years ago he personally called it a priority investment project. The prosecutor's office suspended construction, and the city court of Irkutsk on March 27 acknowledged that the environmental impact assessment and the construction permit had been issued illegally.

Yes, Lake Baikal must be protected. And not so much from the Chinese, but primarily from the thieving and corrupt our officials.

04/09/2019 on TV D. Medvedev expressed concern – the problem with waste is acute. That we already know. From his mouth, I would like to hear – "how, who, on what means and in what time it solves these problems."

These are the bitter results of the Year of Ecology.

Viktor Gurov
                     July 25, 2019 at 11:03

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