Features the October fishing

Autumn fishing has its own characteristics. If in the early fall it’s still practically summer weather, the onset of the second autumn month everything is changing dramatically. Fish also feels the climate change and reacts to it strongly enough.

With the onset of cold weather the ponds are changing: the water is getting cold, slowly dying aquatic vegetation, consequently, the water becomes clearer and cleaner. Representatives of ichthyofauna are becoming more cautious, because now they can see the impending danger. This means that if you hope to catch a lot of fish, you will need to be as noticeable. Of course, that tackle is to pick up less noticeable as possible.

Many species of fish in October begin to prepare for winter, get in the pack and go into the deeper places of the ponds, closer to the bottom pits, and natural shelters. If a fisherman finds a pack, and choose the right technique of fishing, then without a good catch he is unlikely to stay. Many anglers in October change on float tackle feeder rod (say it works better in the cold season).

The fish love the warm autumn days and they are the last opportunity to bask, for which rise in the upper layers of water. This means that the fisherman in those days to equip the point of fishing in shallow waters or in areas where exposed to direct sunlight.

To lure the point of fishing is necessary, only the number of the feed mixture, it is desirable to subtract. The bait composition should consist mainly of organic ingredients, as fish are actively preparing for winter “work up a nice fat”. Flavors should not be abused (especially on cold days). They will not give the expected results, because cold water fish is not as acute a sense of smell.

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One of the most effective gear for the October fishing is the spinning reel. It is used for catching the autumn of predators that roam the waters in search of a peaceful fish. The “Golden” period for the spinning is not very long – to the point until it is consistently cold weather. That’s when fish become lethargic, and have little they really respond to, so you should try to use this time to the maximum.

October fishing is not so comfortable as the summer, but if you have correct preparing, you are equipping your chosen location, put on warm clothes, no rain and wind you will no nothing.

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