Firefly tackle for fishing

In order not to miss the bite at night invented many different devices and detectors, greatly facilitating the work of the fisherman. Today we talk about gear, which is called Firefly. Many users in it like:

  • easy to manufacture;
  • the cost is the lowest;
  • it is easy to use.

What kind of tackle

Fishing Firefly is a kind of “flashlight”, which is attached to the antenna of the float or the feeder. Models differ on hull form, length, thickness, and can work in different periods.

Fireflies are a capsule composed of several departments: plastic and glass. One of them is a special chemical solution (hydrogen peroxide) and the other reagents (oxalate and flurorescence). If the float is in the normal state, the substances with each other do not interact, but there is a tackle to bend as it begins to glow.

The color of the background inside the float depends on the chemicals in it, and can be blue, yellow, or green. The most popular among fishermen are fireflies with green-yellow glow. This light is not irritating to the eyes, and visible from afar.

The purpose of the fireflies

These snap elements are invented specifically for night fishing, so anglers could in dark conditions to monitor the bites. As the tackle can be mounted in different ways, and it is used when fishing a feeder and float rod. Shine a float in a long time: 5-15 hours.


  • suitable for different types of fishing;
  • shines for a long time;
  • easily fixed;
  • has a small size;
  • low cost;
  • the choice of different glow colors.
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  • they are disposable;
  • in case of breakage of released reagents that can damage the human skin.

Varieties of fireflies

There are two types of fishing fireflies: powered by batteries, and chemical.

The first option consists of a led light bulb which is fueled from a few small batteries. The advantage of this model is that it can be disassembled. This gives the opportunity to reuse the gear, and, of course, replace the batteries.

The second option is the most common, and does not require special skills in the process of fishing. So snap began to work just need to bend it, and then pin to the gear.

The correct selection and use

  • Before you go night fishing, check the tackle Firefly, and make sure it is good condition and the necessary fasteners.
  • To enhance the glow of a Firefly, you need to bend the float so that the cracked glass capsule, and then shake it until a cloud of luminous matter.
  • Be careful not to damage the outer membrane, otherwise ingestion it of oxygen, the whole effect will disappear. In addition, the reagents can damage the skin.
  • Now a few words about how to choose tackle:

  • Buy products from well known manufacturers. She checked the time, the company guarantees the quality of their products.
  • The period of illumination should be long.
  • The internal volume of the bulb pick up maximum great for inside consisted of more reagents.
  • Mounting elements of the float should match your rod.
  • As a rule, in the package you sell just two of Firefly. There is no overall fixed price. Each manufacturer puts on his goods the price that it sees fit. It is influenced by many factors.

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    If the “flashlight” quality, it can give out bright light for more than ten hours, and then about a day dimly lit. Defective product shines within three or four hours, barely visible glow emits about two days. Tip: opt for a floats is of average quality. This model would normally work for seven hours, and this is enough for use in summer night.

    Do yourself a Firefly

    There are many options for the manufacture of such equipment. Consider how you can make a few of them:

    Firefly reflective element.

    Yellow or white foil and cut it into strips with a thickness of five millimeters. Paste them on the antenna of the float. It is advisable to use water resistant type of glue. This kind of Firefly works very simply – while fishing the bobber goes light (enough to light an ordinary flashlight).

    Constructed float with led and a jar of ascorbic acid

    Take a used plastic container from the tongue placed inside the led and battery power. Led do not have to choose a powerful – pretty good detail and from a regular lighter. Snap can be used in conjunction with a feeder, with a bell. If you want to achieve the best glow, make a jar from vitamins small window.

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