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What is the balancer for fishing? This is a lure for the steep (vertical) method of fishing and winter is the best time of the year for him. In appearance resembles a vertical spinner, but with a difference, this horizontal pendant. The balancer in your device has a lead body and a plastic stabilizer together with the tail of the lure. The stabilizer may be made of plastic, hairs of animal fur or having a synthetic thread. Fishing line attached to the lure over the top of the back, there is a special ring. The ring is located in the center of gravity of the balancer.

The lure also includes front and rear hooks. In practice it turns out that the perch often pinpoint the Threesome better. And when you start to draw out fish in the winter, clings to the ice front or rear hook. So they had to bite off and leave only the lower three-way. Gatherings because it is not, and the fish became more confident and comfortable. And the tee should be changed to larger. If you came across a school of perch, you need to quickly remove the hooks from his mouth fish. With a lower tee and the front and rear hooks perch swallows the bait rather roughly, and pull it pretty hard. With a great tee and without front and rear hooks bass to swallow the lure deep you can’t, and you’ll free the fish from the tee. Classic rocker, i.e. neotlozhnye hooks are good for finding fish.

When fishing for schooling bass, a clear advantage is the balancer with otkusannymi hooks and enlarged tee. There is a disadvantage in a modified tackle – often the hook because of their size and of sufficient degree of freedom clings to the fishing line. To avoid this, put a piece of rubber nipple or sleeve on the shank of the tee and the ring balancer, thereby limiting the degree of freedom of the tee. But if you gently lower the gear, the overlap is quite rare. If You catch in shallow water and cling to the ice front or rear hook, you can do the following. Bites off the hooks and solder them tip down. For this protsarapyvajut the body of the balancer to the soldering points and solder the hook. In some cases, active fishing breaks off the tail of a stabilizer. How to be in this situation? On the rear hook you can wear the little twisterk or cut from a plastic bottle tail the swallow tail and secure with glue or thread.

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How to tie fishing line to the balancer? You can tie a conventional knot the clinch. Then knot the fishing line will come close to ringlet bait. When catching fish, especially for front or rear hook attaching fishing line will shift along the ring. And each time you will have to correct the line, i.e. return the site strictly up the ring. You can attach a fishing line loop, then the disadvantage goes away. Moreover, the bait will have a greater degree of freedom. The normal position of the balancer on the line — its nose is elevated relative to the horizon by 5 – 6 degrees. If not, then this situation is achieved in several ways. On the shank of the front or rear wound a bit of copper wire, and you can shift forward or backward a ring, to which is attached the fishing line, thereby achieving an ideal position of the lure.

When playing the bait needs to go in different directions. If this is not the direction one, then the adjustment is made by changing the position of the tail, hold it over the fire or turning down the upper fortified ring slightly to the right. To effectively snap the balancer to line the clasp. This will allow the cold to produce, if necessary, replace the balance bar on the other. It is better to use a wire clasp pin type. Spinning when fishing in the winter on the balancer should be made of carbon fiber composite, lightweight, rigid and at the same time flexible. Choosing the rod should be such as to provide a gradually accelerated movement of the lure. The whip must be supplied bait is very important.

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Levers are classified according to the characteristics “fast” and “slow” — the first for catching active fish, the second for fishing passive fish. More lazy play have balance weights with tails of wool fibres. The optimal size of the balance bar 5 – 7 cm These balancers allow you to catch fish on a wide range of depths. Reduce the size not worth it. Smaller balance weights are used for catching small Ososkov to use them as live bait. On the balancer make the infusion. On the front or rear hook wear eye perches, which increases the number of bites.

If there is a possibility of biting of a pike, be sure to use a metal leash. It is desirable to use thin leashes without deteriorating a game balancer. You can use symbiosis balancer – vertical spinner. What is it? Balancer my game collects fish near the hole, but catching them is worse than spoon, there are the gatherings and take it off after a take is problematic. When I received the first bite, the balancer off and put the spinner. When fishing at great depths or in the early morning, at night using bait, glow in the ultraviolet.

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