Fishing for carp: carp fishing

Let’s take a closer look at the designs of float tackle and snap-ins. How and when fishing bottom fishing, float rigging for carp are highly specialized, since they are suitable for catching large tench.

Plug. Small species of carp can be caught using any plug. For major trophies would require a special “carp” kit. For the same large (8-10 kg) are special plugs that anglers are not needed.

Thus, the plug makes sense to use when fishing for fish from 1 — 3 kg. carp Special kit is used in cases when along with the pound fish periodically burn 1-2 lbs. In old ponds karpovykh it happens very often. Here periodically to shore fits both large and very large fish.

Carp kit — whip, which removed the last upper knee. Often it is trimmed to the inner diameter, which includes rubber shock absorber with a diameter of 2-2,5 mm. rubber passes through two telescoping knee of a whale, and two telescopic and one plug, just three. Thus, the plug is equipped with not only a thick rubber, but long. Special variants of whales consist of two long and powerful knees. All you need to say that ego kit is a good thing because it is good to use not only when fishing for carp, large tench, and Chub, and large bream.

Plug rigging for carp fishing has no similarity with the usual snap-in for roach or bream. The main difference is the maximum ease. A float with a carrying capacity of not more than 1 g, the simplest distribution shipping, consisting of shepherd and the main sinker. But all this is mounted on the fishing line with a diameter of 0,14-0,25 mm. the Hook is designed strictly under the nozzle and may be No. 16 for the crank and 6 for a bunch of worms.

So as not to alert the skittish fish, just need a easy snap. Problems with easy snap-in a lot, because its very hard to keep a long time motionless at the point of fishing, as carp often strike a lure just does not take. If the fish are biting when you post in passing or scraping along the bottom, easy snap-in, and even with thick fishing line, quickly and uncontrollably blows any movement of wind or water. So every time you have a snap to pick up weight.

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If the excitement is good, everything is easier. Snap the bait and herdsman will akorat at the point of bait and patiently waiting for the bite, the rod in this case can even be put in the holder. A separate question about the floats. In the vast majority of cases effective the usual “sports” model with a thin antenna. But if you use a heavy lure, for example, a bunch of worms or a large bunch of canned corn, bait floods the float.

It is necessary to reduce the ogruzka, removing the herdsman, which is inconvenient, as the bite may change and the fish will take a smaller bait. Not very comfortable floats with a thin antenna in cases where strong emotion. The antenna constantly hides wave and it seems that bite. It is necessary to take model with thicker antenna with a diameter of 2 mm, but it should be borne in mind that the excitement need to adjust the distance between the shepherd and the hook. This distance is more than the height of the wave below the lure off the bottom as possible. When fishing on very small areas, in any case, it makes sense to use clear floats.

Easy snap provides a distinct advantage, especially when the pond is calm. Carp in warm and calm weather in small places often takes the bait when she slowly descends in the water column. Such wiring can be performed only plug. The bite is visible or sagging of the line, or its deviation to the side during a very slow lowering of the snap-in. This is one of the most effective transactions on karpovykh when fishing not just carp, but Cupid, and especially carp. At the same time and need to feed accordingly.

Toss in the process of catching the bait can be very small doses, and even better to refrain from this. But if you really need a lift, or a special Cup at the end of the whale, or if it is a maggot, using the most low-powered slingshot. As soon as you get up and start throwing the bait with his hands, so the carp will immediately depart.

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For centrifugal fishing rods fishing line is better not to take thicker than 0.18 mm, the weight of the rigging and the hook size is matched to the conditions of fishing and the bait. There is no multiplicity, represented by the plug.

Summing up some results, I will notice what to catch carp in the old karpovykh, where it is relatively small, plug or mahovym rod — not the most efficient, but very interesting. On the other hand, buy a plug specifically for this kind of fishing is not worth it. Fishing with a float snap-in here, the labour and vysokosportivnaja, and not everyone will be able to catch, even if you give it a tackle.

Most anglers take the rod and reel and caught by means of bottom, using a float as a signaling device. That is, put the bait with the herdsman, and then a sinker on the bottom and waiting for the carp will take. Usually this happens because the carp to the shore careful. So, we need to throw the bait away. To do this, in the case of float snap is “match” or “far casting”, and “Bolognese”.

These tackle in our case do not differ in design from their usual configuration. For long casting float is chosen according to the depth and the built-in float the ogruzka. The rod is better to choose a length of 4.5 m, because with a longer rod it is easier to fight big fish in the distance. As the Bologna personally, I prefer models of fishing-rods with a length of 6 m.

Complementary feeding with a slingshot, even if the distance of fishing allows you to throw bait by hand. This is due to the fact that after the first intensive feeding further tossing of bait allowed only very small portions. For example, a ball of groundbait the size of a walnut or a dozen glued bait maggots or a few dozen grains of corn.

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If you know Parking spots are big fish at a distance from the shore, and it can be the pits and, on the contrary, shoals, in addition to the long cast makes complete sense to use carp feeders. Fishing carp feeder rods are now writing so much, and experts the case, that to stop me fishing I will not. I can only say that if you really want to big fish, the feeder for that perfect tackle.

Now consider catching up on the cultural reservoir of the new formation, that is water that became so recently and in which big fish or no, or very little, and is dominated by individuals of 600-800 And a lot of them. However, here is to make some explanation for beginners. The price of fishing at pay pond does not always correspond to the number of fish in it. Some emphasize that not all but only some of the tenants of water still spend more money on advertising than on stocking the pond.

Common techniques are the public release of a new portion of fish in the pond, in the presence of concentrations of anglers at the weekend, yesterday’s verbal demonstration of “results” of fishing, as well as a hidden enclosure “cage”.

The last trick is the most sophisticated. In the middle of the pond or in the corner under the water is a metal grid through which the carp can’t pass. This enclosure runs a “normal” number of carp in the pond concentration in fish is several times smaller. In the cage the fish is played and shows its presence, which creates the illusion backlava. Fisher thinks that not answering because there is no bite, and it turns out that there is no fish. Cheating sooner or later becomes obvious.

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