Fishing for carp in the spring on a feeder

Which angler has never dreamed of catching a carp? There are hardly any.

Carp, or otherwise, wild carp, large freshwater fish. After a long winter, in the spring, the carp is forced to restore the reserves of nutrients that it has spent over the winter, therefore, during this period, catching carp can be very successful and even for novice anglers, although inexperienced beginners can be disappointed when faced with the problem of poor bite.

In addition, you need to know for sure that it is in this reservoir that the carp lives, it simply may not be there at all.

Having received the confidence that the carp is present in a given reservoir, it is necessary to choose a place where the bite promises to be good and to determine what type of bait the carp in this reservoir prefers at this time.

In winter, the carp is at a depth, in the so-called wintering pits. In the spring, when the sun begins to warm up and the water temperature gradually rises, the carp comes out of these pits into various shallow waters to warm up.

Getting into the warm, surface layers of water, carp easily reveals itself in characteristic bursts.

This can be seen especially often at night.

Rod on the lakeBut, even if the fish is in the surface layers of the reservoir, catching carp in the spring still needs to be done from the bottom, because it is in the bottom sediments that carp is looking for material for its food.

The mouth of the carp is very large and can be quite compared with a vacuum cleaner, only it does not pull in dust, but various bottom sediments and, accordingly, everything that is in them (all kinds of crustaceans, larvae, etc.).

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Therefore, the most commonly used carp fishing rod in spring is the feeder rod.

Catching wild carp on the Feeder.  Carp fishing 2016

Choice of feeder equipment

The rigging of the feeder is determined by what place is determined for catching carp.

FeederIf the water in the fishing area is clean, then you can use graceful tackle for catching carp with a feeder, with a fairly good friction. On the contrary, if you have to fish in places near a large number of snags, then the rod should be more durable.

The criterion for choosing a rod is the reliability and strength of the stick. At the same time, the sensitivity of the feeder should absolutely not worry the angler. With a certain degree of confidence, we can say that a carp will bend any tip of the rod.

But the choice of the coil is an important and responsible moment. Ideal when fishing for carp would be a reel that has a baitruner.

Often when catching a carp on a feeder it happens that you can sit for more than one hour without observing a single bite, but as soon as you move away, a powerful bite will appear and the fishing rod, “waving the handle”, will go under the water, but the baitrunner of the coil will not allow you to make this, the line will simply come off the spool, it will simply unwind, giving the angler time to grab the rod.

Feeder tackle
Feeder tackle

The fishing line should be no less than 0.30-0.50 thick.


The carp is a voracious fish. This fish has the ability to digest absolutely any food.

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Groundbait ballsIn spring, the variety of material for feeding fish is small, therefore, carp shows interest in any bait.

The baits can be ready-made, bought in a store, or you can make the bait yourself.

First of all, it is important in preparing the bait that in addition to small fractions, large fractions should also be included. And, secondly, the bait must necessarily include what they are going to catch this wonderful fish with.

Happy fishing!

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