Fishing for carp on the top

Makukha has long been successfully used in fishing for peaceful fish, including carp. For beginner fishermen, who are not yet aware of what it is like to catch carp on the top of the drum, we will explain: the press is called the pressed waste of oil production from oilseeds.

The best option for fishing would be cake made from sunflower. This product, in the form of a dense cube with a characteristic odor, is the main component of the canopy, which perfectly catches carp and not only.

Makushatnik brings such rich catches that in some European countries it was equated to poaching methods and banned. Now it is not used there as bait and is not produced specifically for fishing purposes. With us, such a prohibition can be encountered only on some paid water bodies. But on all the rest, modern humane methods of catching carp have not been able to supplant the good old top. This rig is as popular today as it was 10 or 15 years ago.

When and where to fish

The top is effective throughout the warm season and almost at any time of the day. At certain times, the bite may deteriorate slightly. Why? Before dawn and with the onset of evening twilight, the fish rises to the surface, and such equipment is always at the bottom.

Carp in waterNight fishing for carp on the top is more effective. After about 22.00, the carps leave the depth and go to the shallow coastal zone for feeding. In search of food, they rely primarily on their sense of smell. That is why baits and baits with a strong smell work best at night. These include the cake, which, after casting, gradually soaks and spreads the attractive smell of sunflower seeds over a long distance.

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This fishing method is suitable exclusively for closed bodies of water with stagnant water. On the current, you should not expect good results from the top of the head for obvious reasons: it will work only in one direction. Unfortunately, now it is difficult to find a deep clean lake where large carps live (usually such bodies of water immediately become someone’s property). But nothing, great fishing can be presented by a small, moderately overgrown lake with pits up to 3 meters. The main thing is to know exactly what our object of fishing is found in it.

What the equipment consists of

It must be said right away that there have never been any factory top-mounted speakers. You can buy ready-made equipment at the fishing market, but it is better to make a do-it-yourself top for carp fishing. The fact is that the homemade products for sale are usually rough and massive, most of them turn out to be “overwhelming” for the available gear.

So, what does the simplest, classic speaker unit consist of? The undergrowth is attached to the main line with the help of an American (a carabiner with a swivel). Its second end passes through the sinker and ends with a special loop that tightens the top.

Top plate diagram

Many fishermen come up with alternative ways of attaching the cake. For example, under an elastic band on a lead plate that serves as a weight. One or more leashes with hooks are installed on a loop or on a flat weight. Ideally, there should be four of them, one for each corner of the makuha cube. Here, in fact, is the whole device. Simple yet reliable and convenient.

There should be nothing superfluous in the rig. All elements are connected by fishing knots. No glue, paints or other strong chemicals that can disperse an already shy fish.

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It is advisable to use a dark American and put carp hooks – large with a sting slightly bent inward.

Some features of carp fishing on the top

Depending on the density, the cake can be soaked in water for 20 minutes, half an hour or even longer. By this time, the delicious smell will disperse in all directions, and she herself will become soft enough for the carp to taste it. At first, the gourmet slowly approaches the rig, examines it carefully, and then begins to gently suck the treat from a comfortable angle. The hook is hidden in it. Since the fish is not able to distinguish the metal from the solid particles of the bait, sooner or later it ends up in its mouth.

Bottom tackleThe beginning of the bite will be signaled by light rocking of the rod tip. From this second on, you need to be prepared for the clutch to squeal and the line will fly from the spool at the same speed as when casting. Carp is a strong fish that always resists. As soon as he feels a catch (a prick of a hook), he will immediately rush into the nearest driftwood or thickets of grass. Therefore, you can not hesitate with a sweep. If he manages to get to such a shelter, getting it from there will be very problematic.

Having felt an inedible object in its mouth, the carp will try to spit out the hook, but back it will move with the sting forward and will definitely catch on the upper lip. If the sweep is too strong, the lip may simply come off. In addition, this fish, despite its gluttony, extremely rarely swallows two hooks or more at the same time. Therefore, you should play it out as carefully as possible.

There is one undeniable advantage to the top of the bait – it does not need to be checked or changed as often as many other lures. At night, the cake can lie in the water for up to 3 hours, and in the daytime this period is reduced due to small fish actively sucking on delicious cake.

But in the daytime, not only carp, but also large crucian carp are caught on it.

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Basic rules for night carp fishing

The makuha cubes should be prepared in advance so that you don’t have to look for them in the dark. In conditions of poor visibility, it is easy to overlap and confuse the gear, so it is better to limit yourself to two, maximum three spinning rods.

Night fishingOne can be thrown far away, and the second closer to the shore. Do not light a large fire on the shore or use a powerful lantern. When fishing for carp, it is better to minimize the light. Fireflies on the tips of the rods and a small headlamp on your head will do just fine. It is more convenient to catch big fish in the dark with a friend who will help to take the prey in the landing net.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in fishing with a top-mounted paddle. Avid carp anglers love this method precisely for its simplicity. And also for high performance.

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