Fishing for carp with a float rod and feeder

In the life of every fisherman, sooner or later, there comes a moment when it becomes boring to catch bleak and roach. I would like to try my hand at other fishing, where the opponent is bigger and stronger. For example, carp fishing.

Karp amazes with its size, power and the incredible tenacity that it shows when playing. Fighting him is a great honor not only for a novice amateur, but also for an experienced professional. The victory over this strong fish brings great pleasure, increases the angler’s self-esteem, raises him in the eyes of colleagues. But it is almost impossible to catch carp with a simple rod designed for catching small fish. Here we need other gear, more suitable. So, how can you catch carp.

Float rod

A correctly assembled fishing rod with a float may well meet all the requirements for carp tackle. Fishing for carp with a float rod is the starting point for beginners. Usually, float gear for carp fishing consists of the following elements:

  • Fishing rod on the lakeRod. You can use any type, but a match with a large number of rings and a high-quality mount for a reel from 4 to 6 meters long is preferable. It is impractical to use a longer stick, since it will be inconvenient to throw the tackle with such one and play out the hooked fish. For fishing from a boat, it is recommended to take a rod no longer than 5 meters.
  • Coil. A lightweight, inertialess model with good responsive friction will do. Because of it, by and large, a coil is needed. The friction brake will smooth out the powerful jerks of the carp, prevent it from breaking the line and spoil the mood until the next bite. In addition, thanks to the reel, you can cast the rig much further.
  • Main line. Braided or monofilament with breaking load corresponding to the size of the object of catch. For example, with the correct setting of the friction clutch and competent actions of the fisherman, a fishing line with a maximum load of 5 kg can easily withstand a 7-kg carp.
  • Fishing floatsFloat. You can use a product of any shape, but preferably with a thin antenna, loaded at the bottom. Such a signaling device is very sensitive. Even before the bite, he will warn that the fish has already approached and is trying the bait. This will prepare you for the sweep.
  • Weight. It is better if there are several of them and in the form of a pellet. The position of the weights on the line depends on the depth. When fishing at a depth of up to 1.5 meters, the weights move closer to the float.
  • Leash. Often anglers refuse to use a leash, considering it a weak link in the rig. This can significantly reduce the number of bites, since the thick line scares the carp. The way out is a fluorocarbon leash, which is practically invisible in the water. The 0.2 mm fluorocarbon leader easily handles medium carp weighing up to 3 kg.
  • HooksHook. Necessarily carp – strong, with a short, slightly curved forend in the middle. Of course, it should be sharp enough to pierce the fleshy lips of the carp.
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Carp fishing with a fishing rod begins with finding and feeding a promising place. After that, you can throw the tackle and expect a bite. Fishing for carp with a float rod is one continuous expectation. Although the cunning man loves to eat, he rarely pleases with frequent nibbles. Basically, the process consists of checking and replacing the bait, as well as periodically casting the next portion of bait at the fishing point.

Feeder tackle

Fishing for carp with a feeder is very popular today, because this tool guarantees a catch even in bad weather. For fishing to be successful, you need to assemble the following set of carp tackle:

    • Rod reelRod. The optimal blank length is 3-3.6 meters. Shorter ones make it harder to cast feeders over a long distance. It is better to give preference to a rod with a medium action, since hard models do not well dampen the sharp blows of carp while playing. The recommended test is 90-150 g. These characteristics are usually found in medium and heavy feeders.
    • Coil. Feeder fishing for carp involves long casts and even the delivery of equipment on a boat, as well as serious resistance when playing. Sometimes a fish fighting for life on a weakened friction clutch exhausts fifty or more meters of fishing line. This means that for successful fishing you need a powerful inertialess mechanism, the spool of which can hold at least 150 meters of thread with a cross section of 0.35-0.4 mm. According to the Shimano classification, such “meat grinders” have a spool of 5000 or 6000 sizes. In addition, the reel must be equipped with a bytrunner. This device allows you to avoid breaking the rod from the stand if the angler, for some reason, did not react to the bite in time.
    • Fishing line. It is better to use monofilament in this tackle. The inextensibility of the braid in this type of fishing is irrelevant, since there will definitely not be careful bites with a barely noticeable movement of the quivertip. But elastic nylon will be beneficial – it will smooth out the jerks of the carp.
    • Knot on the lineShock Leader. In feeder carp fishing, a shock leader is a must. At the very end of the game, when the fish senses the approach of the shore and increases the resistance, it will take on the main load.
  • Hook. A very important piece of equipment, on which the final result largely depends. It should be made of strong, thick wire and well sharpened. The size and shape are selected taking into account the bait used.
  • Sinker. It is necessary in some cases.
  • Feeder. Open and closed feeders of various shapes are used. The choice primarily depends on the fishing conditions.
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This method can be safely called folk. And not only because it has been known since time immemorial. Manufacturers of carp tackle and accessories ignore the preferences of many fishermen, therefore, special ready-made tackle designed for fishing carp on the top is not found in fishing stores. Perhaps they are stopped by the fact that fishing with the top of the head in many countries is recognized as an unsportsmanlike method, and in some it is even prohibited. Therefore, you will have to assemble the equipment for fishing carp with your own hands. For fishing on the top you will need:

  • Makushatnikstrong and stiff 3-meter rod with test from 90 g, capable of withstanding fish weighing more than 10 kg;
  • a spinning reel with a sensitive friction and a spool with a capacity of 3000-4000;
  • monofilament 0.35-0.45 mm, length 100 m and more;
  • lead sinker (flat, horseshoe-shaped, dovetail-shaped);
  • hooks No. 6-10 (depending on the size of the carp that is supposed to be caught).

The bait in this case is the pressed cake from sunflower seeds. The fishing technique is so simple that even a schoolboy can master it. The top cube is fixed on the sinker, the stings of the hooks are hidden in the stern, after which the tackle is thrown into the intended place. Carp, attracted by the smell, comes up and begins to suck on the cake. The bite occurs after one of the hooks (usually four) is in his mouth. That’s all, it remains only to pull the prey ashore. The main thing is to do it carefully, without forcing events and not giving the fish a chance to break the line.

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