Fishing for crucian carp in summer – tackle and bait

Crucian carp is the most popular fish on fishing! This fish lives in almost every body of water, because crucian carp is considered an unpretentious fish.

Fishing for crucian carp in summer involves the use of various gear, whether it be: a float rod, or a donka or a feeder. Manure worm, semolina, bread, dough are often used as a nozzle.

Best of all, in summer, crucian carp is caught at dawn and continues to bite perfectly until lunchtime.

Still not a bad bite of crucian carp appears in the evening, before sunset, when the weather is calm, calm, there are no clouds and wind.

Choosing a location and gear

I advise you to choose a cool place at your discretion, it is desirable that there is vegetation in the water: algae or reeds, crucian carp in the summer usually looks for food in such thickets.

Float in the reedsBy the way, as a type of fishing for crucian carp, I can advise fishing in the so-called windows.

This is when the fisherman artificially makes windows in the thickets of reeds, after which he feeds these places and it remains to wait only 30 – 40 minutes and the crucian carp will suit your bait. It is convenient to catch crucian carp in such windows with a float rod or a telescopic rod with a side nod. Catching crucian carp in the reeds in summer sometimes brings unexpected results!

Even if there is no suitable rod at hand, it can be cut out of a thick reed stalk – you will get a very sensitive tackle for catching crucian carp. The equipment for such fishing should be very light and thin. The rod should be equipped with fishing line up to 0.18 mm, the float can be made from a goose feather.

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You choose the hook at your discretion and based on the size of the fish that lives in this reservoir. The reed rod is very sensitive and will not leave you without the pleasure of fishing.

Bait for summer crucian carp

Carp should be fed with store mixes, or you can make the bait yourself. How to make groundbait for catching crucian carp in summer? It’s very simple! To prepare groundbait, in the base, you can use makuha and also a fight from cookies, it costs a penny on the market.

Bait in a bucketCrucian carp is very fond of the smell of vanilla flour, which is used for baking and other confectionery products. An attractant (flavoring) can be added to the prepared mixture, it can be either a store-bought one with different shades of smell, or an ordinary natural one, for example, a little sunflower oil.

When adding an attractant, be guided by the time of year when you fish, for example, in winter it is better to abandon flavors altogether, and use finely chopped bloodworms in the bait. If you catch crucian carp in the summer, then bright smells are suitable – plum, anise, tutti – frutti.

Fishing for crucian carp in the summer is basic for a beginner angler; this fish is not as picky as the rest of the inhabitants of the reservoir, but still requires a responsible approach.

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