Fishing for perch in summer

Fishing for perch in the summer with a float rod from the shore is quite common, due to its presence literally everywhere. In addition, there is no need to purchase special tackle, it can be caught with the most ordinary fishing rod, with the simplest bait.

Perch is quite unpretentious in food and eats almost everything… It can be caught even on other perch, naturally we are talking about catching large fish on a small brother.

Fishing features

True, if you fish from the shore, then most likely everything will be caught exclusively by a small perch, since a large perch goes to a depth, and floats to the surface only to eat, but does not do this near the shore, so if you want large fish, then you need to take a boat and swim on the middle of the reservoir.

In this case, it is necessary to feed the fish in order to lure it from the depths. If you are content with small fish on fishing, then you can sit on the shore, without even first feeding, catch a lot on a float rod, small perch moves a lot so as not to be eaten, and he himself will somehow stumble upon a bait, which he will immediately swallow …

If there is a boat on which it is supposed to catch a large perch, then you should not rejoice ahead of time.

The perch at a depth, although larger, is much smaller, since it rarely survives to a large size, if they do not eat their own, then a pike can do this.

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Therefore, going to the middle of the river for a perch, you can quite catch a couple of pikes.

Catching perch with an ultralight on turntables

Lure selection

The perch does not suffer from poor eyesight, and it is better to catch it when it is light outside, at which time the bait is clearly visible to it.

Perch in handIt should also be borne in mind that the perch is a predator, and any predator loves to hunt, so the fish is much more willing to grab a moving prey.

Of course, he will also take motionless prey if he smells it, but he may not notice. Based on this, the bait should be used one that can imitate the movement of live fish. And the bait should be clearly visible in the water.

Good for this fish, float fishing with live bait. True, for this, you must first catch this live bait, insects, for example dragonflies, of which there are a lot of water bodies, are suitable.

It is better to cling to the back carefully so that it remains alive as long as possible, the perch will notice the moving bait faster.

If, nevertheless, it is decided to go to the depths to catch a large perch, you can first catch a small perch near the coast, then plant it by the ridge, or by the fin, and using it as bait to wait until the perch or some other predator bites, living at the depth of this reservoir. Fishing for perch with live bait is quite effective.

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