Fishing for pike in the fall for spinning

Autumn is a turning point in the life of the underwater inhabitants of rivers and lakes. The summer is gone, and with it the warmth, soon the reservoirs will be covered with ice, and in order to survive the long cold winter, they need to accumulate a sufficient amount of energy, the peaceful and predatory fish are fattening. That is why pike fishing in the fall is always the most effective.

In the first half of September, while the summer temperature is still holding, the predator feeds only periodically (usually in the morning and in the evening), but already at the end of this month its rapid exits to the surface for fry can be observed throughout the day. In cloudy weather, she is especially active. Experienced spinning anglers know this, and carefully monitor the forecasts in order to choose the right time and enjoy the capture of a few weighty specimens. Fans of pike fishing with live bait keep up with them. Live bait fishing rods, summer girders, mugs, supplies and other devices are used. During this period, the toothy bites so intensely that you can catch it with different tackles.

Autumn pike food is a natural phenomenon… In winter, food will be tight, the predator knows about this and tries to use every opportunity to fill the stomach. She grabs all living things that swim by and is placed in the mouth. Large individuals do not disdain frogs and mice, they can even attack waterfowl. What can we say about forage fish, real or artificial. It is enough to throw the bait in a promising place and make it play seductively, the bite will follow already on the first postings.

I must say that fishing for pike in the fall for spinning began to acquire a massive character. Some 20-30 years ago, a person with such a tackle in his hands aroused respect and envy among other fishermen, and today it is available to everyone. It is not surprising that with the first cold snaps on the banks of rivers and lakes, a whole army of spinningists appears, ready to fish every corner of the reservoir. On the one hand, this negatively affects the pike population, and on the other hand, the most cunning and cautious individuals remain free, which is not so easy to catch. This makes fishing even more exciting and exciting.

When does autumn pike fishing start?

Enhanced nutrition helps the predator to accumulate energy and meet the cold season “in shape”. A signal for preparation for it is a decrease in the water temperature. The pike begins to be active already in the second half of September, but this is not yet a zhor, although the capture of a trophy specimen can be counted on already this month. The colder the water, the stronger the target’s appetite. In October, when the water temperature drops to 15 degrees, the predator is already chasing the fry with might and main, betraying its presence with loud bursts.

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Spinning fisherman

It is quite difficult to determine the onset of intense pike eating within a few days. Many factors affect its behavior, such as the temperature and transparency of the water, the death of aquatic vegetation, and weather conditions. On rivers, you can focus on its eternal competitor – the perch. If striped robbers began to hunt collectively and create so-called cauldrons, it means that soon a toothy predator will go out on a “big hunt”.

Spinning tackle for pike fishing in autumn

Spinning has always been and remains the most effective fishing tool for autumn pike. Its characteristics can be different, they are selected depending on the time of fishing. For September, a short tackle with a length of no more than 240 cm is suitable.This month, the predator feeds mainly in the zone of coastal vegetation, where it is full of fry and it is convenient for it to ambush, so there is no need for a long spinning rod for long casts. The best option is a middle-class blank, medium-fast action, with a dough from 5 to 20 g. With this tool it is convenient to make both uniform and twitching leads among reed islands, cattail, egg-pod leaves and other plants.

Spinning in hand

In October, when the mass dying off of vegetation begins, and the predator goes deep after the small fish, the short tackle becomes irrelevant. During this period, pike hunters are armed with jig spinning rods, allowing them to make long casts. The recommended length is 270 cm, the action is necessarily fast, with which the bait flies more accurately and is easier to control when driving… The spinning rod is equipped with a high-quality spinning reel (grinder) with an easy move and correct line laying. It must correspond to the class of the blank, not weigh it down (not upset the balance), otherwise it will be uncomfortable to catch. What to type on a spool, monofilament line or cord, each spinning player decides for himself, based on his own experience. For fishing medium-sized pike, you can use monofilament with a cross section of 0.25 mm or a braided cord 0.12-0.14 mm. The thickness of the line primarily affects the casting distance: the thinner, the farther the bait flies. In addition, the thin line does not interfere with the jerking movement during twitching (from side to side).

Fishing for pike in the fall for spinning by months

Each autumn month has its own characteristics in catching pike, so it is worth dwelling on each in more detail.

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It is still far from frost, but the water temperature is already slowly dropping, and predators are becoming more active. The pike is also coming out of the summer depression. Most often, it can be found in areas where reed thickets border on deep pits. What attracts her to such places? The vegetation is full of small fish and it is convenient to set up ambushes, and after a hearty lunch you can go down to the depth and relax. When hunger again makes itself felt, there is no need to swim anywhere in search of food, here it is, very close.


If you plan to fish on an unfamiliar body of water, it is advisable to come to it before fishing in order to look around and remember the promising points. It is sometimes useful to chat with local fishermen, although today few people share their secrets and rent catching spots.

In mid-September, it makes sense to try to fish at depth, and if deep-sea fishing does not bring anything, then the pike is closer to the coastal vegetation. This month, it is still caught in densely overgrown shallow bays, where small fish continue to feed. You can irritate the predator and provoke it to attack with a small spoiler, spinning mepps or a minnow wobbler. If the pike is resting, the first grips of the bait are often empty, but patience will do its job – on one of the casts, the prey will be on the hook.

Fishing from a boat can be very effective. Thanks to the floating craft, it is possible to reach any points on the reservoir, to fish deep places far from the coast and the opposite side of the reed walls.

It should be noted that in September, pike is almost never on the stream. If there is no suitable bay, then you need to look for sections with return lines.


Dying aquatic vegetation makes it possible to harvest previously inaccessible places. The predator here is not yet scared, careless, which means that excellent fishing is guaranteed. Lures can be thrown through the windows among water lilies, duckweed and other herbs, which expand more and more every day, giving the angler room to maneuver. In water, free from vegetation, bites are better seen and felt in the hand. During this period, wobblers, oscillating spoons, silicone (especially edible) are used.

Wobbler in the mouth of a pike

In October, the consumption of pike gradually decreases. She has already had enough, has accumulated a sufficient amount of fat for the winter, so small baits (spinners, minnow wobblers) are of little interest to her. There will be more chances of success with large lures of provocative colors that can cause a surge of aggression in the predator.

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From about the middle of the month, the toothy begins to “play up”, the activity decreases markedly, but it can still be successfully caught at depth. Many anglers use the trolling method of fishing and are often rewarded with good trophies. This month, the predator reacts to large wobblers and silicones no less than 12 cm in size. October is the time for trophy fishing. Quite worthy specimens weighing more than 3 kg often come across for spinning, and some lucky ones manage to get a ten-kilogram “monster”.


The November cold weather drives peaceful fish to the bottom of deep holes, and the pike goes after it. Each predator, like a shepherd, grazes his “herd”. She is always nearby and when hunger makes itself felt, she just takes what she needs. Spinning pike fishing in November involves the use of heavy, deep sea lures. Unfortunately, navigation is prohibited on many bodies of water during this period of the year, so they will have to be thrown from the shore.

Silicone baits

On rare sunny days, you can fish with wobblers marked DD or EDD (depth from 3.5 m and more), but jig is considered the best fishing method in November. Having correctly selected the load for the jig bait, the predator can be reached from any depth, if, of course, she reacts, because in the pre-winter she no longer needs a lot of food.

On small rivers, where the maximum depth does not exceed 3 meters, in the last month of autumn, spaced equipment called a drop-shot works perfectly, which is recommended to be thrown into the pool and played with the bait in almost one place, jerking the tip of the rod up and down. With the help of these movements, you can make the silicone twister dance so intensely that not a single pike will remain indifferent.

It is important to correctly mount the drop-shot, and this is done as follows.

  • Spinning equipmentA sinker of such a weight is fixed at the end of the line so that it reliably holds the bait at the selected point.
  • An offset hook with a bait is installed 40 centimeters above it (between two stoppers or a loop loop).

Everything, you can throw it in a promising place and tease the pike with a mobile silicone fish.

At the end of November, the pike hunting season ends. At zero temperature, fishing with a spinning rod is not comfortable. The line is covered with ice, and the hands are freezing. It’s time to put your lures, wobblers and silicones in fishing boxes.

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