Fishing for roach in spring

Roach is a very common fish, known to many, and even to the fisherman even more so. The roach belongs to the carp family. This fish is not large. The largest known individuals pull no more than 2 kg. But this is extremely rare, in the form of isolated cases.

For the most part, in the catch of even experienced fishermen, the weight of roach rarely exceeds 1 kg. Fishing for roach is carried out all year round. Even in winter, the roach remains quite active. Fishing for roach in spring begins immediately after the ice melted and the water warmed up to 6 degrees.

As the spring more and more comes into its own, the water temperature rises and, accordingly, the roach increases its activity. In April, the roach spawns and in front of it, the roach is so active that you can return home with a decent catch.

A characteristic feature of roach is that it keeps in flocks. Despite the fact that the flock has a large number of small individuals, one large specimen is always present in it, this is, as it were, the leader of the flock.

The smaller the fish, the larger the school and, conversely, the larger the fish, the smaller the schools.

Roach does not like strong currents, so it is better to catch it not in the river, but in quiet backwaters, backwaters.

Small individuals of roach live shallow, but larger individuals adhere to more significant depths, 3-4 meters.

Features of roach bite

Roach is a smart fish, its bite is extremely careful, it seems to be playing with the one who catches it. And, if the angler is emotionally unstable, unrestrained, roach can give him a lot of unpleasant moments while fishing.

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Considering such cunning bites of roach in spring, the bait should be as small as possible so that it would be problematic to pull it off the hook so easily. And the hook itself is preferable to small.

Summer roach fishing: ODR # 5

What to catch roach

As a bait when fishing for roach in the spring, you can use an earthworm, bloodworm, maggot.

RoachCan be caught on bread, dough, barley. It should be said that in different water bodies, the roach’s predilection for bait is also different.

On some, she prefers an earthworm, on others, on the contrary, a good bite is provided when fishing, for example, on bread.

Complementary feeding of fish significantly increases the chances of success, that is, a good catch, because after feeding the fish, not single roach are attracted, but whole flocks.


For fishing roach, you can use both a float rod and bottom tackle.

The float should be fairly light because with a cunning bite of a roach, it will immediately go under water.

The closer the summer, the more choosy and demanding the roach becomes.

This applies equally to both bait and fishing gear. The line should be 0.1-0.15, the thinner the hook, the better. The bait should be placed on the hook carefully so that the sting is not visible.

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