Fishing for roach with a float rod

Roach is one of the common inhabitants of freshwater bodies. The warmer the water in the river, pond …, the more likely the presence of this fish in them. Despite the wide distribution of this object for amateur anglers, hunting for roach cannot easily be called.

When choosing a tackle for fishing roach, you need to bet on a float rod. The alternative is a plug.

Below we will consider the moments of catching roach with a float rod, which will increase the likelihood of enviable catches, which you will not be ashamed to tell other fishermen about.

Fishing tactics

Priority fishing methods for roach:

  1. Movement along the coast with examination and fishing of attractive places.
  2. Catching in one place.

In the first case, you will need a light swing tackle. Moving should be as careful as possible. Stealth will be useful. Fishing will be more effective if you have the ability to predict the movement of roach. Roach adhere to places where water is bordered by aquatic vegetation, windows in algae.

The second variant of the float fishing strategy requires less effort. True, in this case, one cannot do without feeding, holding the fish by means of baits.

Roach bait

Roach is not a vegetarian. The diet of this fish includes the larvae of some insects.

The difficulty of catching roach is due to its caution and legibility. Moreover, the composition of the diet of roach depends on its activity, which in turn is determined by the season of the year.

Groundbait balls in a bucketTo determine the optimal amount, composition of groundbait, the method of its use, one should be guided by the activity of the roach, which is influenced by the following factors: weather conditions, the temperature regime of the reservoir, the gas composition of the water …

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In increasing the chance of catching a large number of roach, it is of great importance to follow the general feeding rules, which are given below.

In our case, such a form of bait as a disintegrating ball is irrelevant. The bait should sink to the bottom in fractions. It is not necessary to scatter the bait, as they say, on a grand scale, covering a vast area. This negatively affects the concentration of roach in the place of casting and, accordingly, the intensity of biting, the result of fishing.

Advice: If you know for sure that there is roach in the place you have chosen, but the bait does not initiate the bite, then most likely you are using it incorrectly. Usually, the fish bite actively if you feed it every minute. Remarkably, this trick applies to bleak as well.

Ideally, the groundbait should be distributed in a pillar and dust, meaning it should be dry and light. The slower the bait settles, the more effective it is.

Feeding inactive roach should be done well in advance. Two balls are sufficient, each of which is the same size as a small orange. Roach is fed less frequently than in the first case. At the same time, bait consisting only of bloodworms and maggot is more productive.

In transitional periods, preference should be given to special feeds.

Tackle work

Fishing will be when playing with the bait, for example, when lowering it slowly. This trick is more effective in the pillar formed by the bait.

Fishing rods on the shoreIf the float sets in motion the wind, the current, then they can be used to your advantage. Floating 20-30 cm float is artificially suspended and held. This will raise the nozzle. After that, the rig is again given to the current, which leads to a slow lowering of the bait. Then everything is repeated within the available distance.

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Artificial posting also has a positive effect on the catch, which implies a slow movement of the rod along the sides.

Tackle for fishing roach with a float rod

If you focus on experienced fishermen, the tackle arsenal should consist of three fly rods. It is desirable that these were lightweight models that, if necessary, could be assembled or disassembled. A 3.5-, 5-, 7-meter rod will be useful. The first for a popular fishing method.

As for the plug, it should be long. Such a tackle is indispensable in terms of ease of wiring, accuracy of feeding the nozzle to the required place.

Advice: do not consider rough rigging as an option. Equip your rod with the shallowest, thinnest and sharpest hook. Ceiling – hook No. 16. Leader thickness – maximum 0.08 mm, total weight of weights – up to 1 g.

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