Fishing for roach with picerno tackle

Roaches in small ponds — fish, the most suitable for catching the picker. It is possible to catch a match or a simple float rod. However, in strong crosswind to use light floats almost impossible. A long, heavy, but stable in the wind baggery when casting in shallow water, knocking almost at the very bottom of the reservoir. What do you do to manage fishing for roach with Mr. picker?

Leash with a float snap-in “nailing” a bullet to the bottom? But it is when fishing for wary of plotic does not always work, because the sinker is too heavily damage the delicate mouth of the “white” fish. So, instead of catching with a slim bottom-float rig with a heavy sinker drilled, I’d rather watch the trembling of a tip, in addition, it spares my nearsighted eyes.

Pekarna light tackle for the roach

My pickery are already too long without action. Long time to extract out of the closet of fine English of the rod. I choose a light rod of the old generation, which for many years not produced, it is suitable small reel with two spare spools and winding of fishing line of different diameters. Now I’m ready for any situation on the water. In a backpack, among other things, I put 3 kg of bait. It is a regular ready mix for fishing roach in stagnant water picerni tackle.

We take another canned corn and maggots from the freezer, as well as net. folding chair and small accessories. Half an hour later I’m at the pond. Dry bait mixture pour into a collapsible bucket. Open a jar of corn and inject a small amount of attractant. All of this seductive smell. Several times stirred, then poured the now reddish corn together with corn juice in the bucket. Hand vigorously mix the contents. Scoop up a jar of the corn, a little water from a small oxbow lakes poured into the mixture which is vigorously mixed, and give the bait a little stand.

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Snap-in for catching roach picker

Now you have to wash your hands and assemble the equipment. Since the weather is quite windy and from time to time the rain, I put on a thin rod a few more thick tip. Although water and muddy, still put a spool of dark brown concealer with fishing line with a diameter of 0.17 mm and a tensile strength of 2 kg.

At the end of the fishing line attached to the loop of the snap swivel for easy sinkers and feeders, but without the swivel for the leash. Although in this case, the snap can easily overlap, but shy biting roach are better visible than with this swivel. Hook-No. 12 on the leash with a diameter of 0.15 mm at first I skewer the “sandwich” of corn and maggots, because the water in the reservoir warm. In cold water the best would be the combination of corn with the worm of dendrobaena, pierced once or twice to seductive writhing in the water.

Dip for a larger number of bites

Quickly moisturize the combined bait and once again dip it in the dip. My clothes were wet, as it drizzles. And bait well hydrated, but she is very loose and grainy, almost free from lumps. This is good because the bait sieve remained in the closet. Add to the bait even a hefty dose of maggots, and finally several pairs of large loose balls, thrown by hand, fly to the fishing spot.

But first, I hung a light, the bait spiral in the swivel to the loop. Bait balls leave large clouds in the water, not too far from the beach, in a thicket of grass, where there is a small indentation in the bottom. Filled to capacity, the bait spiral. Now just have to wait.

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