Fishing Gerlich year round

Imitation fish perhaps you can a legend among gear in fishing history. Fishing Gerlich simple, accessible and intriguing, you do not need a long time to make the tackle, it easily will make any aspiring angler, is that you have the bait fish to catch that there are a lot of methods well, of course, to prepare and properly position yourself imitation fish. Gerlich fishing is possible all year round.

What is zherlitsa

Zherlitsa is one of the most common, as well as getting gear that is designed for full catching of predatory fish species. On the territory of Russia used since ancient times. At the moment, imitation fish mostly catch pike and walleye, at least burbot, perch and catfish.

The device of imitation fish

Despite the fact that the imitation fish is one of the most ancient fishing tackle, the design almost has not undergone any major changes during its existence. Today, there are several basic types of Gerlich applied on the territory of our countries. Their choice depends on the characteristics of the intended place of fishing depth, the presence of currents, bottom topography, and so on.

Classic zherlitsa is a small flyer 15 — 20 cm is Usually made of wood. On the basis of drilled hole or notch is made for securing fishing line to a pole or a tree branch. On both parts of the flyer you need to make small cuts. The main fishing line — a length of 15 meters — 20 and with diameter from 6 mm to 0.8 mm is wound eight on the flyer and secured in the cut, leaving the required length. Then to it is attached the sinker and fastened the leash, equipped with double or tee.

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The sinker is chosen so that the bait could be kept at a certain depth is usually 40 cm from the bottom.

The installation of imitation fish

The imitation fish is set in the following way: in a prospective place for fishing in the bottom of the pole is inserted firmly, with a length of about 2.5 m at an angle of 45 degrees. By the end of it is attached flyer, which is wound fishing line just long enough so that the baitfish could located as close as possible to the place of the intended location of the big fish. Next, placed the bait and then falls directly into the water — usually this is done from the boat.

The time and place of fishing Gerlich

Catch the imitation fish almost year-round, except during spawning, when any fish catch is prohibited. The most successful, fishing on imitation fish is spring, autumn and winter (on the first ice). Summer also happens to be very successful, as the predator often kept under the shore, snags, thickets, where other forms of fishing to get it very problematic.

Space to install zherlits choose under the steep shores, in the shallows at the edge of the grass or reeds, near submerged snags, the outputs of the underwater pits, in places where there are sudden changes in depths.

Device winter imitation fish

Pike thanks to the use of imitation fish also happens to be very successful. The principle of operation of gear the same year. Design classic winter imitation fish consists of a coil of fishing line or the same flyer, which wound on her line, drops under the ice, signaling device takes the snap. Stand is made of wood, ordinary plastic or metal wire with a diameter of 3 mm. And the indicator of bites of the coil spring. The coil is mounted on an axis that is attached on the swivel bracket, although often, many anglers, attach the bracket directly to the rack with a soft cambrica or rubber tubing.

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Equipment for winter imitation fish is no different from the summer, the main difference is the thinner fishing line from 0,27 — to 0.32 mm and smaller hooks or doubles.

Varieties of Gerlich

Currently, on the waters of our country, the following varieties of imitation fish:
1) Mug.
2) check Boxes.
3) Boat and others, which may differ in their design and purpose.
Of the above gear, the most popular are mugs. They are made of wood or foam, with a diameter of approximately 25-35 cm, with a depth of 1 cm across the diameter of the circle, where in the future fishing line is wound. Circles are the male and betteravia. In the first case, the pin (or axis) passes through the middle of the circle, on the one hand, it puts a small foam ball, and the reverse is propyl for fixing the fishing line. The snap-in itself is similar to that on Gerlich. The main difference lies primarily in the fact that mugs are not bound and are simply placed on the site of the proposed fishing gear in the water, and then they, under the influence of such factors as wind, current move through the water. Therefore, in places with a fairly fast current or strong wind to catch on the mug will not work. Usually they are set on lakes or on rivers, in floodplains and backwaters. It is desirable to avoid heavily zakoryazhennyh places.

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