Fishing in a plumb line from the bottom of the rooster

Rooster V-Tail and Skirt-Tail — precisely those baits that I always dreamed for catching in a plumb from the bottom. In my box with lures used to be the three favorites, which I used to catch fish in different situations. Each of these lures have their own advantages and disadvantages. One had a special form, another colour, which let me some days to successfully catch fish. The combination of these properties, in my opinion, would be the best.

At the same time, I wanted to have a bulky bait, and the eyes increase the attractiveness of the bait, but, unfortunately, they often fall off when mounting of a shad on the hook. Another thing bait Rooster. Here the eye is molded simultaneously with the body. In a silicone Rooster bait combines all the best properties possessed by my former three top baits. It turned out the perfect bait. And in the summer boats and winter ice at the Rooster with eight different colors, the fish is caught always.

Three reasons why I catch in a plumb
1. I love the sound of “torque”. Even when thought, and not expecting a bite, this blow dry immediately brings you back to reality.
2. I love chess. Each move has an impact on the game. If I want to succeed, you must find a suitable response to the move of my opponent. My pieces when fishing in a plumb is a boat, depth sounder, fishing rod, bait and my hand.
3. Catching in a plumb and innovative. Any other way of fishing I never get more opportunities to experiment with the bait. Given the speed of movement of the boat, I define how long and at what point will catch.

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Techniques for catching in a plumb a rooster

When fishing in a plumb — rooster trying to spend under the boat. It is important to develop the right instincts to know how high above the bottom of a floating decoy. Better if it is about 15-30 cm above the bottom. I note that, for the first time dropping the bait to the bottom. Then pull the line and lift the tip of the rod along with the lure about 50 cm above the bottom. Then again lower the bait on a tight line to the bottom. Easy push, feel lying on the letterhead of the rod with the index finger, indicates that the bait touched the bottom.

Then I re-raise it 15 cm from the bottom, but this time just trying to keep her still. Boat and for providing movement of the lure. I myself remain still and lay low. A few seconds in slow motion down the rod to re-bait touch the bottom, and this time short quick movement to lift it at a distance of 1530 cm above the bottom. Then repeated the resting phase of the lure. If the depth has changed, I have to take the line or to podmochat her. The sounder provides invaluable assistance. Bites occur almost exclusively in the phase of retention, rooster or slow down, but most often when it is least expect. That is, you need to always be extremely concentrated.

Tackle for fishing from the bottom in the plumb Bob the rooster

Tackle for fishing from the bottom in the plumb Bob the rooster is:
Rod: length 185 cm, with the test up to 30 g, depending on conditions and weight of the jig hook and with a quick tip or tougher, to test 65 g, parabolic action.
Reel: 1000 size spinning or baitcasting. Because the fishing line on your reel requires a bit capacity of the spool is almost irrelevant, more important than the small own weight (less than 200g).
Fishing line: braided, as soon as it feels good lure, dense weave with a tensile strength of 4.5-7 kg.
Leash: a length of 1 m from fluorocarbon 0,23-0,28 mm, and in the presence of the reservoir the pike — more thin leash of FlexUnit 7×7.

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