Fishing in Stone on the Ob

Fishing in the vicinity of the city Kamen on the Ob very exciting and profitable. If you look at the map, you will see a lot of oxbow lakes, channels of the river Ob, which established a positive feedback among the fishermen of the Altai territory and Novosibirsk region. The inhabitants of the Altai territory and Novosibirsk region, engaged in fishing, the waters near the Rock on the Ob are the most favorite places for fishing in summer and winter, the reason is that zaryblenny all species of fish in water bodies of the Altai region is very high, respectively and fishing in these areas better.

Where and what to fish near the Stone on the Ob

A large number of ponds, diversity of their inhabitants, and scenic views make each trip exciting and unique. About fishing on the Ob reservoir can talk endlessly, but apart from him there is a large number of interesting bodies of water: this is the Ob river with its oxbow lakes and channels, and the Ob reservoir, Tarakany, schuch, R. Kersey, Kulundinsky channel and many others.

To fish in these places can be for almost the entire year. The main types of fish caught by the local fishermen are pike, catfish, Zander, perch, Peled, carp, tench, roach, IDE, crucian carp, bream. Each of the fishermen, of course, has its own favorite and time-tested places. But sometimes no and want to go for new experiences and to try his luck fishing in any lake or Creek.

Choice of fishing largely depends on what fish you plan to catch and what tackle. Of course, that much easier to catch from a boat, but not always there is such possibility. Then you need to look for a suitable place for fishing from the shore. Rush is not worth it, and better to observe the pond. To indicate where the fish are will help splashes it in the water, jumping Malek, characterized in attacking predator, night hooting catfish, pike bursts, as if turning a lazy bream and blows the tail and much more.

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Experienced angler, once even the first time to unknown pond, already known only to him, the signs will be able to determine where to find particular fish. You need to know everything: its habits, time of Zhora and spawning, what time of year and what bait is preferred, habitats and routes for morning and evening exercise, but also it is useful information on bottom topography and the weather forecast, etc.

The catching of a predator, from spring to late autumn in the waters near the Rock on the Ob river is conducted in several main ways:
Spinning reel is equipped with inertial or spinning, fishing line (diameter must be guided to choose the weight and size of the expected production, as well as a view of the gear — type of coil, size of bait, etc.) and bait. With this method of fishing often use different types of spinner (rotating or oscillating), jig, silicone fish lures.

In addition to fishing lures the predator is also very common in these areas is live bait fishing. There are also several options. The first is live bait fishing on the float rod, although instead of a float, an indicator of bite use the tip of the rod. The second option is imitation fish and the third is a mug. Such methods are more applicable in stagnant water or low current.

The basic principle of the imitation fish is that pike is almost always not immediately swallows the prey, and the first to depart with it for some distance and only then swallow. Therefore, imitation fish and circles arranged in such a way that seizing the bait, the predator was able her to depart without noise and then swallow it, and then you can and reel it in. Currently, there are many different versions of Gerlich winter and summer, but the principle remains constant for many centuries.

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Among the fishermen who prefer to catch predatory fish, especially popular carp, bream, IDE, crucian carp. Catch them most often on float tackle, donkey, satellites have become quite popular in the last few years feeder tackle. Such fishing requires the fisherman thorough preparation (tackle, bait, nozzle), knowledge of habitat and habits, as well as patience on fishing in any way.

One of the interesting places is the confluence of the river canvas upper in Ob. There nearby there is a stone island. So right next to it perfectly caught carp, roach, bream, often catches and carp. But the left side there is a scythe, she also stone, there is pretty good fishing for walleye and perch.

Incidentally, who does not have his boat can go fishing on one of the fishing bases have Stone on the Ob, which in recent years began to actively restore, in particular the “Cool place” and others. Work is also underway on the restoration of valuable fish species, which has always been famous for these places, are the sterlet, sturgeon, burbot, whitefish and others. It is planned to create all conditions in order that the fish could safely spawn, and the Ob was like in the old days rich in fish river.

The bream fishing at the bridge

In winter one of the good places fishing bream is at the bridge over the Ob river near the forbidden area. Residents of the city Kamen-na-Obi are constantly fishing in this place after the formation of enough safe ice. First, it is close. Second, the bream here very much.

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Especially well caught in this place of big bream in March. Attractive than this is the place for bream. The fact that the bridge a lot of depth, and flow velocity allows the use of gear with an average ogruzka (10-15 g).

Tackle for bream is a normal Donk with two or three leashes at 30 -50 cm in length. Basic scaffold using at least ∅0.25, thick too, there is nothing more ∅0.30 no sense to apply. On leashes, one to two rooms fishing line is thinner. As the sinker at the bottom of the bottom gear, leashes above and below are not hooked on hooks. Hooks ledovye.

Cool suitable for catching bream “susnik”, this tackle is different from the donkey by the presence of the trough. In addition to this tackle used spinning reel and length of fishing line doing at least 25-30 meters.

The nozzle is a plain bloodworm, bream is taken on the balls of foam.

Tactics for catching simple. The gear sinks to the bottom, respectively, for it blows. The bream bite is derived from the date of delivery of the gear to the bottom before passing through the flow at a distance of 20 m. usually small at the bridge of bream a few, mainly bite and caught a big bream.


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