Fishing on good hooks

Carp Fishing rod with a float or ground rod for carp is always better if you to choose the best hooks, as this will reduce the number of retirements and improve cutting. Experienced fishermen carp set up gear like a violin make the calculation on all the little things, and tied the most good carp hooks. First, consider the size of the hooks. A few years ago I used the hooks to just three sizes: № 2, 4 and 6. Of them No. 2 and 4 are used when fishing on a 20-millimeter Boyle or “snowman” on the hair, N° 6 was used in rare cases only when caught on boilies with a diameter of 16 mm.

Over time, fishing pressure on many fisheries increased markedly and the majority Karpov gained the sad experience with standard handle with a diameter of 20 mm. there is a tendency to acquire smaller baits with a diameter of 12, 14 and 16. Sometimes is on the hook the carp served even a single tiger nut, so need a small and unobtrusive hooks. My range of hooks over time has changed now in most cases I use number 4 and 8.

In England catch carp sometimes even hook-No. 10 or 12. The choice of such young models I, however, remains skeptical. Although small has the advantage that it is noticeably lighter than a large. With it the risk that experienced large fish will experience the suspicion, less. If carp when ingested the bait will feel wrong and wrong big hook digging into his lip, when playing he can come out of the mouth of the fish.

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The next item which we need to examine in more detail — the ring of the hook. Often the ring is reduced to such an extent that it only serves to secure the leash. And it is important. Some hooks ring is not fully closed, a small gap between it and the forend. So I’m in no case do not recommend to use, since in this period there is a sharp edge which can damage the hair and leash. In the extreme case, when playing the leash is under strain, the material is sometimes frays. For more confidence you need to use hooks with a fully closed ring.

Next, you should pay attention to the position ring of the hook. There are three options: ring bent inward, bent outward and straight. Bent inside ring contributes to the aggressive position of the hook at the bite, and the fish quickly and securely podscasts. Hook greatly bent into a ring when playing too aggressively “works”, and it can be a great wound in your mouth fish, and is likely to slip out of his mouth. Below the ring is the shank.

There are models with long and short forearm. Hooks with a long forearm in my opinion, much better than hooking the fish than hooks with a short forearm. Model with long forearm there are two options: straight or curved shaft. When slightly curved handguard force is better transmitted to the stinger that the bite and the fish gives you a definite advantage. When fishing flooded waters by fishermen, where there are wild carps, should be careful when using hooks with long forearm.

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The bend of the hook

It can be wide or narrow. A wide bend of the hook captures many of the soft tissues when the fish swallows the bait and immediately samorodskaya. When fishing for carp with thick fleshy mouth, it is an advantage. The disadvantage of this hook is that because of the wide bend lost its power. I prefer to choose the hooks with an average between the wide and narrow bend. Sting, as a ring, may be straight, bent inward or outward. Bent outward the sting has gone out of fashion in the fishing stores are the most common hooks with straight or bent into a sting. Slightly bent crocosmia sting work more aggressive and slightly better pierce into the mouth of a carpthan direct.

My experience, however, does not indicate any big differences between straight and slightly curved tip of the hook. Extreme option bent inward sting of the hook is the so-called round hook Circle Hook. It’s used often in sea fishing. There is evidence that this hook doesn’t need to do the cutting, because he thrust into the mouth of the fish. This type of hook would be perfect for carp fishing which is dominated Slobodskaya hooks.

Another very new development is the coating of hooks. The coating gives two effects. On the one hand, the hooks are coated have a smooth surface, which facilitates their penetration into the mouth of the fish. On the other, it prevents the reflection of sunlight that have experienced Karpov could arouse suspicion. On hard fished waters hooks coated in any case, you should use. Thus, the choice of hooks, pay attention not only on sharpness but also on other important properties, which together contribute to the success of fishing.

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