Fishing on peretyag together

how to catch petagay

Someone confuses piratage with Seine nets, thinking that peregoy pull the reservoir, and then hang leashes and bait. Fishing on piratage significantly different from fishing with Seine nets. Fishing on peretyag had not each angler, although the name gear known to most anglers.

But what perlage know how its fishing, know the most experienced fishermen with a decent experience. Second name perlage “tukala”. In the list of the catchability of the gear — piratage takes pride of place. Catch peregoy together two fishermen at the same time, from both banks of the narrow rivers, channels, creeks and narrowing rivers.

The name of equipment given due to the method of fishing, i.e. catching alternate parathom bait on the hooks the leashes from one Bank to another. Why connect with their spinning rods the ends of the cords perlage. To effectively use the length of the gear up to 60 meters. In the middle of the cord (fishing line) piratage using the snap hooks or fasteners with long, 1 – 1.5 m 3-4 attached leash, the optimal distance between the leads of 2-3 meters.

How to catch peregoy together

For fishing peregoy can and in a fairly wide rivers, which requires a boat. Tackle caught large and cautious fish – salmon, Chub, IDE, pike and Chub, and others. The gear works with artificial lures — spinners, twisters, and other lures, and these lures, worms, dragonflies, grasshoppers, ants, beetles and other insects.

When the weather is calm and the insects begin to fly above the water in reservoirs starts to be fed fish and kept in the upper layers of the water, scanning the water for the preparation of the attack. At this time, and start to catch peregoy – Chub, bream, roach, IDE.

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In a place where splashing playing the fish, the tackle down and start to pick on baits on the water with peritagem in one or other way. In this action the fish can not see the difference from natural feed, especially during such a Jora, it loses vigilance and eventually pinpoint the hooks.

Tackle need to work together to lure touched the water and jumping up and down, the length of leads allows you to not scare off the fish with a cord. The dignity of perlage. Tackle is the best option to fish on trolling, posting from shore to shore. This method of trolling is well performed in areas where the algae does not allow spinners to conventional reels, paratha fundamentally changing the business.

Coils spinning to work properly, when winding the cord one coil to another it needs to be off excluding it from sagging with deep diving lures in the water. The fishermen have a choice of who and what shore spinning reel to get the fish to large fish will need a net or bagorik. Broke the cord from piratage when you catch a trophy, it’s not so bad, the situation may correct partner. At the toe, also pulling in the other direction the gear is disengaged as a rule.

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