Fishing on the river Inya in the Altai region

In the Altai region there are numerous ponds with their regular regulars, I mean fish — carp, perch, roach, pike etc. These fish are usually what you need in order to “unburden himself” to the fishermen. But the heart still requires something more, such as fish noble fish — grayling.

Which have to go to the mountains, sometimes for most fishermen this road to the fishing area, not the middle path and results in a “penny”. One place will be discussed, it is situated in Krasnoshchekovskiy district of the Altai territory, near the village Chineta. Well, finally, about the reservoir, is a river fish in the literal sense of the word — the river Inya. On the map you can see the area in more detail.

Went on a fishing trip the three of us after work on Friday 16 September at our home VAZ “nine” for two days.
Our route from Barnaul where we went to the spot of grayling fishing on the river Inya passed through the city Aleysk — S. Krasnoshchekova, S. Karlovo, S. Maralikha, then pass through the hanging bridge over the river Charysh and not reaching about 4 km to the S. Cinity we arrived at the river Inya already dark. On arrival after dinner we went to bed in the pre-deployed tents and sleeping bags. Keep in mind that in mountainous areas the nights are always colder. The name of the river is not unique and it is the name of several rivers in Russia in different regions. Our Altai Inya river is a tributary of the river Charysh.

The river Inya Altai region has cut its way through the mountains and now is dominated by the mountain massif of the Altai. The rich are rivers, of course grayling, and taimen. The thing is that these noble fish love clean and cold water. The turbulent and rapid, the river is not deep and not wide, but go to the other side, few dare. Over blows feet. To get to the other side with a need to have the boat.

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Grayling fishing on Ine

Grayling on Ine bite in the summer and fall until the ice. In November, at a time when there is an icy edge on the banks, grayling in the river becomes more, he rolls into the river with all occurring in the mountains of the tributaries (creeks). And only in November of actively biting and caught a grayling weighing a kilogram or more. Caught fly fishing on top of the water and spinning rods (fishing rods) with the Tyrolean stick and snastochki with flies, which the local fishermen call somehow “Balda“. We should not compare this gear with the gear of the same name for perch.

Our fishing began at dawn on Saturday morning. Weather was a success, and delighted us for two days of sun. In our arsenals was not tackle to fly fishing. Fished on spinning rods with Tyrolean sticks and flies white and yellow color, with a periodic change of the spinning charged with “Balde”, which are the same flies.

Tackle for grayling fishing on the river Inya

A little bit about gear. Fishing rods, spinning rods for grayling fishing will be ultra-lightweight (ultra light) or light (light). As the main fishing line on the spinning braid ∅ 0.16 mm, on leashes with conventional fly fishing line (Japanese) ∅ 0.22 mm, fly cheap different colors. When Balde flies are different colors easier to understand what color flies to grayling preferable.

It happens that in one day, first on one bait is taken, then the other. Or Vice versa active enough the same fly. We have the best working baits for grayling flies have been white and yellow. Within an hour after dawn in cages flounder was at least a dozen fish.

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Balda for grayling on the river Inya

Float “bulldozer” made from a dense foam or wood. In the lowest part of the float holding the cargo, by weight, equal to half the weight of the float to give shipping. For ogruzka float is very important, otherwise there will be proper tension on the fishing line and the sensitivity of the bite grayling. In the Central part of the float drilled hole with a slope for the passage of fishing line. The fishing line is passed through the float in an inclined hole and tie for the ring. The ring is a screw with a ring.

The number leads to the flies varies from 2 to 4 pieces depending on the length of spinning, the longer it is the more leads you can deliver. Short spinning is not convenient to throw the gear in more than 2 leads.

The length of leads 10 — 15 cm Have them every 20 — 50 cm from the float. For fastening leashes to the main fishing line “Baldy” use triple vertucci. But in another way.
On the main line “Baldy” (1), attach two beads to block (2). In the middle a small button with two holes (3) through one of them is passed the main fishing line and the other serves to attach the leash (4).
Leashes equipped with these flies or insects. This tackle is the fact that it is necessary for grayling fishing on fast rivers such as the river Inya.

Throw the tackle should be higher. Periodically podderjivat line and to constantly monitor the float. The distance of the descent to the bottom with the current 100-150 m. then tighten the rope to himself and throw again.

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How to catch grayling on “Balda”

The bite of grayling on “Balda” feels like there is a sharp bump and patascoy. With a good nibble seldom caught on each leash.

Tackle for grayling with Tyrolean wand on the river Inya

Tackle with Tyrolean wand is simple, it can be done on the “knee” in 10 minutes with all the parts. The diagram shows what is in the tackle and all necessary dimensions and distances.

Tackle with Tyrolean wand unlike “the bulldozer” catches in the lower layers of the river itself and Tyrolean stick rolls over the rocky bottom without snags.

How is the grayling bite in the tackle with Tyrolean wand

The bite is happening as dramatically as in the “noodle”.

Results fishing

In summarizing the results of our fishing. Their goals we have achieved. The main thing for us was not the quantity but the quality. On average, two days each of us caught 20-25 kg. of grayling, and also received a huge charge of being in these remarkable in its beauty. What is good to fish for grayling in the autumn? In the first heat and therefore does not spoil the fish, sprinkle with a little salt. Feature of the grayling is that he soon falls asleep after the capture, so to preserve the heat will need the fridge. Cold autumn the most wonderful time for grayling fishing and the bite is larger and is stored great.

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