Floats for fish and the proper choice of float

That means proper selection of the float and generally what are floats for fishing gear with rods. The float is probably the main fishing accessory, adorning the covers of most fishing magazines. Therefore, selection of floats you need in all seriousness, not sparing any time for the selection of great quality sporting goods. If you grab the first float, you then have to wonder why not caught a fish, or make recommendations on the selection and then enjoy the catch, make a choice that best…

And remember — not always what you like at first glance catches your eye with its brilliance and beauty in color and form, this is what You need, and so with the floats. In addition you need to touch, look closely for defects.

A positive result of each fishing to a certain extent, depends on the initial goals and targets set by the angler. So. When selecting a really high-quality float, the angler must first be guided by existing information on the reservoir, in order to sufficiently determine the type of fishing. Modern manufacturers to maximize the range of applications of the float compared to the market of fishing tackles of the last century.

Now every angler can pick up a float on their individual preferences. Sorting through hundreds of types of floats, it remains only to put a few of the most popular and common. Classics fishing craft are considered light Poplawski, for lovers of shabby medium-sized fish, such as roach, alley, bullhead, and other trifles suitable except in the form of bait for zhivcova fishing.

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Such floats in your advantage weigh quite small, which, in turn, allows the angler to set the sinkers and hooks up to a total weight of 1 gram. And as for the capture of prey trophies on zhivtsovy nozzle also exists the line “jevtovic” floats.

Fishing of this type in most cases involves the use of a barrel-shaped, massive floats. The antenna is quite high, with a small ball-shaped thickening on top. Equip sinker is basically not too big, so the float could sink about 2/3 of its surface. The main task – as long as possible to keep alive the nozzle at a certain depth to the bite of a predator.

The following, less common, type of fishing “indicator” designed primarily for fishing on quiet ponds and lakes, with complete calm. Are the floats I use for more professional fishing of larger specimens, such as members of the family percoidei, carps, breams and other.

Depth fished in the country ranges from about half a meter. For more such floats are unable to because of the antenna design, but rather its small size. When casting far enough the float will just disappear from sight. The maximum load of about 3 grams. Suitable for the deaf tackles and begeca. For example, the classic coil with the plug rod is perfect for equipping such floats.

The absolute opposite of a “quiet” indicators are floats for fishing in windy weather. Also suitable are floats for fishing in strong currents or riptides. Manufacturers of these floats give them more barrel-shape for stability on the water, it is equipped with a longer antenna, note that it is possible from the shore at a distance of 10 meters. Quite a large carrying capacity of the float allows you to rig a sinker with a maximum weight of up to 30 grams. However, at large distances, these floats will not throw due to a small weight.

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For such purposes a Pro match using special floats for distant casting. Thanks to the special design, these models are big enough and allow you to deliver the bait at a decent distance. Fishing takes place directly at a distance (more than 20 meters from the shore).

In design right mackevica mandatory must be a small ring, through which is threaded the fishing line, and bobber is free to slide along a predetermined path. The weight of the load to float can be defined by the formula Hg. + y g, where x g is the weight of the keel in grams, y is the weight of equipment in grams. Turns out the amount of the total weight of the float.

It is advisable to use such floats in places where major trophies, such as the curb or ditch. For a beginner to identify such sites on the big pond would be quite problematic without the use of additional devices, like sonar.
These are the main types of floats on the fishing tackle market.

Which color would be best to blend in with the float tackle?

Which color would be best to blend in with the float tackle, it is a matter of personally taste every fisherman. Beginners mostly prefer brighter colors, as they are more visible at night time, someone on the contrary. For anglers eager to experiment a bit, you can buy floats with a removable, multi-colored antennas. However, a more practical solution is to purchase a special token-lucky to be painted in the desired color.

A separate topic for discussion are the so-called “fireflies” for floats. It is a small capsule with a special glowing liquid suitable for night fishing. However, this is not to treat the array of floats.

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