Flyuorokarbonovaya leska

In recent years flyuorokarbonovaya leska is becoming more popular in fishing circles. The reasons are many: fluorocarbon has a number of unique qualities, and due to the fact that its production is established in many companies, the price becomes more affordable.

One of the main advantages fluorocarbon fishing line is its invisibility in the water.

The fact that the refractive index of light in the fluorocarbon is 1.42, and the refractive index of water is 1.3. As you can see, these figures are quite close, so visible in the air flyuorokarbonovaya leska when immersed in water becomes nearly invisible. For comparison we add that the refractive index in the nylon, which is made of an ordinary fishing-line equal to 1.52.

Fluorocarbon is heavier than water 80% of nylon and heavier by 50%. Due to the greater density of the material flyuorokarbonovaya leska sinks much faster than nylon, which is especially important when fishing for match and feeder.

The molecular structure of fluorocarbon is constructed in such a way that it does not absorb water and does not react with other substances. This explains the extremely high resistance of fluorocarbon to aggressive influence of the external environment. Monofilament nylon, absorbing water, becomes more loose, which adversely affects its strength. Flyuorokarbonovaya leska, even after staying in water for several days, the water does not absorb, and therefore will not stretch or lose its strength.

The main applications of fluorocarbon fishing line – fishing all sport and recreational types of fishing, with the exception, perhaps, of a spinning. When fishing on spinning, and especially the jig method, when the transaction bait is controlled by the behavior of the line, the invisibility of the fluorocarbon is not an advantage but rather a disadvantage.

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Scope fluorocarbonates the line in which she really has no equal, is to use it as a driver material. If to these advantages of fluorocarbon to add to its high abrasion resistance, the conclusions suggest themselves.

The disadvantages fluorocarbon fishing line can be attributed to its lower strength compared to nylon line of the same diameter and somewhat overpriced.

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