Grayling fishing in the spring

Those who have already caught trout, we know that grayling has similar habits. It rarely exceeds a weight of 1 kg and well caught in the spring. Moreover, it can be found only in clean rivers where the bottom is very hard and the water is saturated with oxygen.

After spawning in March-April, grayling begins to feed actively. He prefers a variety of bugs, insects and flies. Therefore, using the simulated past, you can try spinning to catch fish. By the way, if you want to look for it in the deep hollows and on the murky waters, trying in vain. He avoids the waters, looking for a place more rich in vegetation and food. Despite the fact that grayling is adjacent to the trout, yet he chooses the best locations for their habitat.

It is not uncommon and competition between them, where the winner will certainly grayling. Also he is careful, therefore, will have to experiment with lures. For starters, hook the turntable with a shiny coating.

Unlike trout, you should use the slow method of posting. Grayling does not rush blindly to the bait, he’s eyeing her, and when she is too close to him, pounces and swallows. If you really want to become the owner of the grayling, you have to be diligent.

Walk along the river, look at the bursts at the water surface. Grayling professes to unnatural behavior, almost jumping up. This means that he feels full freedom to your movement, so enjoy the moment.

Why spring is the best season to catch grayling? All in his fastidiousness to the weather, he doesn’t like the heat, but cold it knocks the normal rhythm of life. However, experienced fishermen catch it in winter, using a kind of bait and fishing rods, the so-called grasshoppers.

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A characteristic twitching of the rod tip talking about your interest in fish to the bait, don’t reel it in. Need to wait a bit to get it fully captured her. Just then a sharp movement to do the capture and output of grayling out of the water.

However, it will do its utmost to wriggle out of that by itself justified. After all, he is fighting for his life and, therefore, will be the last to pull out and try to get off the hook. Don’t let him slack, otherwise it’s gonna wear you down, frustrate it is unlikely, however, bring a lot of concern for the integrity of the line. It is better to wind it on the spool, slowly bringing grayling on the Bank.

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