Helpful tips for beginners seasoned fishermen

Fishing is not only active leisure, but also the ability to communicate with more experienced peers. Here rest the soul for a fascinating and exciting process of catching, as well as exchange experience and learn the secrets of fishing science.

The following tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes:

1. It is not necessary to travel to the reservoir to use the perfume to smell is not absorbed into the bait and the bait. Fish are sensitive to many odors, and your scent she may not like. She also does not tolerate the smell of tobacco, so smokers should wash hands before stick bait.

2. No matter how you are fishing, in open water you need a disguise. Bright colors of clothing that the fish are able to notice from a distance, can deter her. So the camouflage would be appropriate.

3. Do not leave in the car or on the shores of the tools (hook hard) that will help you pull large fish out of the water. Sometimes everything is decided by minute, looking for the right item, you may lose precious time and the catch is lost. All the necessary things should be at hand.

4. While fishing it is necessary to behave quietly. Quiet on the water will give you the opportunity to catch a fish that you did not expect.

5. To the cooked semolina and dough bait from drying, it is convenient to store in a large medical syringe or empty tube of toothpaste.

6. So the bait does not fly when casting, the hook can put a spring from a lighter or a ballpoint pen.

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7. Dyed maggots in red, yellow or white. You can use boiled eggs and beets. The yolk separated from the protein, all chopped and put maggots. After some time, they will desired color. Likewise with beets.

8. Nice hand to have in your Arsenal a little gasoline and a piece of rubber to make adhesive for emergency repairs rubber boats. Rubber dissolved in gasoline, has excellent adhesive properties.

9. If you add a tablet of aspirin in the plant head, it last for a longer period.

10. Your spoon or jig has faded? Return them to former glory will help normal office eraser.

11. Keep bloodworms in winter, the raw potato. You need to cut it in half in one half and make a hole, connect the two halves and secure.

12. North wind, low temperature and pressure, the bite is much worse.

13. A lot of lure to pour is not necessary that the fish did not eat and did not stop biting. Better eat less but more often.

14. Great bait for carp and bream, slices of new potatoes.

15. For carp best suited head of boiled corn, steamed oat, wheat or barley.

16. In order to clear the perch or walleye, you need a few seconds to put it in the boiling water.

17. Team bait is easy to connect if you RUB parts of dry soap.

18. Bait will be more desirable if you roll it in the sand.

19. To hung the fish did not touch the flies, to cover it with gauze soaked in sunflower oil.

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20. Do not pull the fish out of the grass with stress, you need to loosen the line, and she will be released.

21. If you plan to fish in troubled waters, it makes sense to paint the line in brown color. You can do this in the boiling tea decoction. This also enhances the durability of synthetic line.

22. On winter fishing in the hole, pour a little vegetable oil, and it will not freeze.

23. If your goal is bream, it is necessary to avoid rivers with strong current, which he doesn’t like.

24. If a small piece of white foam to be impregnated with oil, it will perfectly replace fishing maggots.

25. In the rain the fish gets closer to shore, so don’t make long casts.

Hope these useful tips experienced will allow you to test the experience of generations, and will help to achieve significant results on your passion.

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