How and where to catch crayfish

You went fishing, threw the gear in the water, and wait for the reaction of the fish. Why is time not spend it for yourself, go catch crayfish? Few fishermen take it seriously, and absolutely nothing, because it’s nice after fishing to sit with friends over a beer with a dish personally caught crabs.

To catch these arthropods, it is necessary to know their habitat. Know that crustaceans live only in those places where the water is clean, so look for them in ponds with muddy water, is impractical. Another necessary condition is the presence of flow, even the smallest.

Before you can begin to produce cancers, you need to discover promising for this place, where you can find them in the first place. Cancers like to settle:

  • Near the steep shores. In places the bottom is not flat, and sharply goes down, and the depth near the shore may reach half to two meters. Very nice if the bottom of the reservoir will silt or peat. In bottom sediments, crustaceans build their shelters (burrows), where crawl at the slightest danger. And even though the river bottom can, if desired, to detect a large number of holes, it means nothing, because crabs quite often migrate to the pond, leaving their homes empty.
  • In waters where many boulders and stones. Arthropods love these places, because large boulders are so many places to hide. Experienced fishermen say that at the base of the stones for a short time to gather up a dozen of the crustaceans.
  • However, the manual method of production of crustaceans has significant drawbacks:

    • The water is cold, and navigate it gives me no pleasure (especially in the morning). In addition, shellfish can be difficult to find, and then to get them to the surface as they cling to the vegetation and bottom topography.
    • Of course, you can dive with mask and snorkel, discovering their underwater refuge, but this method does not fit all. Again, it is possible to SuperCool.
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    Much more comfortable way of fishing – using rakolovki. Rakolovku can easily do yourself using chicken wire metal mesh and bits of wire.

    Wire is the frame, which then securely attached to the mesh. If it is not on hand, you can use a normal nylon tights or stockings. To the top built traps need to tie a rope or multiple layers of a scaffold, in order to securely attach the device. Attach it to a stick dug into the bottom of the reservoir at a certain depth, or to Bliznatsi to a tree.

    Inside the traps need bait. It may be rotten fish, stale meat (they are the most versatile lures). A trap is thrown on the bottom of the reservoir near crayfish burrows.

    As a rule, traps must be some, otherwise a solid catch is unlikely to count. Take into consideration: cancers are attracted to light, so it is advisable to highlight rakolovki the light of a flashlight, or to light a bonfire on the beach.

    The device can be checked literally in thirty-forty minutes after installation, and then equip them and throw again.

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