How to assemble float tackle for carp

Carp — fish common. Catch it on different platforms, but one of the most popular has been and remains a float rod. With its help, the fisherman can effectively sh in a pond, and quick to respond in the event of a bite. About choosing the right tackle and rigging will be discussed below.

Most suited for carp fishing poles. But, in order to catch pleased, you need to know how to complement.

After purchasing the fishing rod be sure to look at their tip — there should be a connector. A connector is a special fastener for attaching the main fishing line. If this element is missing, then you need to buy and install on the rod.

Purchased mononitro diameter 0.14-0.16 mm with breaking strength up to 2.5 kg. Twisted fishing line in a loop and slips it into the connector.

Then we will need to measure the length of fishing line — it should reach approximately to the middle of the handle of your fishing rod. Taking into account the connected leash cord length will work best.

Fix the float on the gear with kembrikom. End sleeves (the segments of the silicone tubes) will be tough to push the float to the main cord and will not let it slide. Before this line is promoted to the lugs on the rod. Well or use staporkow like the picture below.

Floats for fishing carp need to pick up delicate and light. Their weight should not exceed three grams. Antenka float needs to be extended, that the fisherman was able to notice even the slightest nibble of the fish.

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To fishing brought the best result, on the rod you should install two leads. Thus, it can be hung from two nozzles simultaneously, and thus find out what food the fish like best. To secure the leashes take a triple swivel. One end will be tied to the main fishing line and tie to the other two leashes.

Another way of attaching a leash — with the help of the fishing snap hooks. This design is very convenient, as it allows to easily and quickly change one leash to another (for example, in the event of breakage).

The diameter of the drive pin of the line must be smaller than that of the main cord. When mounting two leads, one of them must be shorter than the other. The optimal length of a fragment of the line driver from 10 up to 20 see

Hooks for catching carp getting rounded, tip acute, short handguard. No. 8-15. The choice of hooks is significantly influenced by the weight of carp and the size of the nozzles.

Shipment of equipment is made based on the weight of the float. It is recommended to hang a small lead grains, which are concentrated in the joints leads with the main thread.

The secrets of proper selection and shipment of floats

The float need to choose, guided by the basic factors:

Color is selected so that when the long, still waiting for the fish to bite was not created extra burden on the eyes. Tackle should contrast with the surface of the water: if the water in the reservoir is dark, then the float should be white or acid. On light water use a float with a red or black tip. The base of the float in the water should be brown or dark green. This is especially important when fishing at shallow depths!

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Another important factor is shipping. If the tackle is properly shipped, fish will not feel resistance. And if so, then the bite will be much more confident. In addition, the fisherman will be able to see even the lightest vibrations. To ship float for fishing for carp is necessary so that all his body was in the water, and the outside protruded only antenna. To achieve this, we need to act gradually, by mounting the main line one grain. If the float is too much gone under water, gradually bite off with pliers or cutters the part of the pellet, reducing the weight of the shipment.

The weight of the float and its shape are also important parameters. In many ways, their choice will depend on the conditions of fishing and the estimated fish size. Heavy tackle (over five grams) work well in fast water, at great depths, and on windy days.

More sensitive are spindle-shaped floats, either in the form of a pencil, or quill pen, because it’s less resistance during the bite.

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